Watch out! If you have a MacBook M1 your screen may have this failure

Apple products are not without flaws, even if they are premium products. The last known is related to a problem in the screen of the MacBook with M1 chip that has caused a great stir in the networks, since it breaks for no reason. In this article we tell you all the details that exist about this error and what you can do in the event that it happens to you.

The screens of the MacBook M1 stand out for their fragility

MacBooks with an M1 chip are really new equipment, and everyone hopes that they are free from factory bugs that appear randomly. As we say, there are many owners of these teams who are seeing how they appear cracks on your Mac screen when opening or closing the lid. This is something that should only appear when there is a strong fall against the ground, but the reality is that it simply appears without misusing the devices. This fact is reported in great detail in different threads on Reddit and in Apple’s support forums. Without a doubt, it is something alarming that is told in the following way:

I bought a MacBook Air M1 6 months ago and the screen broke for no apparent reason. I left my computer on top of my desk overnight and the next day I opened it and the screen had 2 small cracks on the right that damaged the operation of the screen. I contacted an Apple Authorized Center who told me that Apple’s warranty would not cover it as it is a point of contact; as if I had left something the size of a grain of rice between the screen and the keyboard. It is absurd because I have nothing like it on my desk and the computer was tightly closed as usual and did not move all night.

macbook m1 broken screen

Like this story, others can be found in these different threads. You can read how many users say that overnight they have left the Mac on the table closed. And when you open it I know have found different cracks of different sizes and causes the screen to be unusable as different lines appear in the display field.

Apple does not take care of the repair

As we have been able to read, the cracks do not appear due to a blow or misuse of the equipment. Simply by closing and opening it, cracks appear and make it impossible to use the equipment. In the logic of any person this is a fault that comes from the factory itself and as such should be covered by the company. The problem here is that some SATs do include it in the warranty, but many others do not, forcing users to pay the full repair. This is due to the fact that the type of crack when analyzed by the technicians, it is determined that it has been due to a misuse of the equipment and this is something that does not fall within the guarantee in any of the cases.

macbook air

And this is where the controversy of this whole matter is. Despite the fact that users assure by all means that they have not hit the Mac, Apple does not believe them and charge for the repair. Specifically, when they are sent for repair, they have to pay more than 500 euros and after checking the Mac they cannot be recovered. At the moment there is no communication from the company. At first it is believed that the screen flexes when it is closed or opened. In addition, it is also speculated that the frame is too weak to adequately protect the screen from twisting force. For now, we will have to wait for an official solution, and be very careful with any remains that may remain inside the Mac.

The entrance Beware! If you have a MacBook M1, your screen may have this bug, it was first published in The Bitten Apple.

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