We already have Apple’s mixed reality glasses! Meet the Apple Vision Pro

It is a revolutionary concept in the sector

Apple’s (highly) rumored mixed reality glasses already have a name, surname and shape. Apple Vision Pro is not a virtual reality viewer, but a computer with which we will be able to interact, mixing digital interface elements with real elements of our environment. It is a true “space computer”, which It will cost $3,499 to start with, and will be available in early 2024.

We will be able to see elements of the operating system in our living room, kitchen or dining room. In addition to being able to create an ambient area, in the purest virtual reality style. And everything will pass through our control, since we are going to to be able to decide, at all times, the degree of immersion when using the different applications that will be available in the glasses.


Mixed reality without isolating yourself from the world

The control of the glasses is going to be completely organic. Eye tracking is going to be our selection pointer, and our hands are going to be the buttons to interact with. And it is that the gestures that we already had in peripherals such as the Magic Mouse, now we are going to transfer them to real life.

A very important emphasis of the company is on the degree of isolation of this device. At all times, the people around us will be able to see us, and we will be able to see them. Even if we are using full screen applications.

When using the different applications, we will have a interface to be projected in the real world scenario. And we will be able, thanks to eye tracking, to distribute the windows that we have open in the physical space of the stage and select where we are going to be, if we move in that physical space.


3D technology and connectivity with Apple devices

Not only are we going to have a projected 2D environment, but we’re also going to be able to see three-dimensional images projected onto the stage. The computer screen is no longer a limitation since we are going to have at hand all the physical space that we have around us.

These glasses do not act as an individual product. They also connect with our Mac to be able to expand the applications we use on the computer and transfer them to the physical space. In the same way, we will be able to use peripherals such as the Magic Trackpad or the Magic Keyboard.

Training and work at a Pro level

This mixed reality viewer is ready for both work and productivity applications, as well as entertainment. The possibility of rCreate a cinema or a theater, in a living room or on a plane It’s made possible by Apple Reality Pro.

In the same way as the image, the audio becomes a very important element, thanks to the Spatial Audio functions supported by this product. And if we were talking about viewing static 3D images, we are also going to have movies and Apple Arcade titles in 3D.

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