We already have the first standard snapshot of Minecraft 1.19 Java

With some advance on what was planned, and giving us some clues about its possible publication date, Mojang has already released the first standard (i.e. non-experimental) snapshot of Minecraft 1.19the version with which we will see complete (well, almost complete) everything we expected, at the time, from Caves & Cliffs Uptade, when it was announced back in 2020. And there is the nuance of almost, because at least for now, it seems that archeology will not debut in this new version either.

Be that as it may, We’ve been seeing progress for a few weeks now. of Minecraft 1.19, some in the experimental snapshot for Java released a month ago now, others in the Minecraft Bedrock snapshots released these days. (Valium) The most spectacular thing so far has been, of course, seeing the feared and long-awaited Warden for the first time, but also the arrival of Allay and frogs in the Bedrock betas has allowed us to feel closer to Minecraft 1.19.

And it is that, at this point, It seems that at Mojang they want to share the excitement of testing the novelties between the two platforms., so some hit Java first, and some hit Bedrock. And now, with the release of the first regular snapshot of Minecraft 1.19 for Java, which is Mojang’s first release for this platform since the release of Minecraft 1.18.2, we see that differentiation persist, albeit this time around. Java has added many new features. We tell you below.

We already have the first standard snapshot of Minecraft 1.19 Java

Minecraft 1.19 Snapshot 22w11a: What’s New

If the experimental snapshot of a month ago brought us all the news of the Deep Dark biome, the vast majority of them have also made the leap to this snapshot, with one exception… the Warden. Curiously, Mojang has transferred all the news from the underground that we will see in Minecraft 1.19, but for some reason they have preferred to postpone the arrival of their creature for later, despite the fact that its operation in the experimental beta already seemed quite correct.

Another very interesting novelty, but which also comes halfway, is the new mangrove biome. And I say that it is halfway there because if you access the inventory in creative mode, you will be able to see what, in principle, will be its main components, including the mangrove, with its innovative reproduction mechanics, and all the derivatives of its wood ( which are the same ones offered by the rest of the trees) and the mud, which we can also generate with earth and a bottle of water. However, even though all the materials are present, the biome is still not spawned on the new maps.

Frogs premiere in Java (we already saw them in Bedrock). Slow, bouncy, and noisy as their own, they arrive in this Minecraft 1.19 snapshot in what appears to be their full build in the final version, complete with their spawn mechanic and associated blocks, including a new light block, called Froglight. They will also be very useful in the chunks where slimes are generated, since they can eat the little ones and, after that, they will throw a ball of slime. Slime farms with frogs on the way? You can bet yes.

And these, which are not few, are the main novelties, along with 3D sound enhancements, from Minecraft 1.19 which you can find in snapshot 22w11a. A very good jump, especially if we take into account that it is the first non-experimental Java snapshot of the future version of Minecraft, and that it already comes with many very interesting news, especially for those who have not tried neither the experimental snapshot nor the Bedrock betas.

And what did I mean by the clues? The general belief was that we would still have to wait a long time until the first non-experimental snapshot of Minecraft 1.19 and, nevertheless, we are in the middle of March and we already have it in our hands (remember that here we tell you how to test the betas), and its status seems advanced. Consequently, we can speculate that his arrival could take place sometime next summer (in the northern hemisphere, winter for those of you who read us from the southern hemisphere). Maybe for the month of June? I think that’s where it will go, yes.

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