What is better to watch Netflix on TV?

Cable or Wi-Fi to watch Netflix on TV

maybe you Smart TV have the option of connecting to the Internet wirelessly or via cable. That makes you doubt what is better and the truth is that it can depend. That is, you will not always be able to have a network cable and sometimes the wireless signal may work very well because it is next to the router. But of course, this does not always happen.

If we think about watching Netflix or YouTube, for example, we must know that to see content in 4K without cuts and with the maximum guarantees we are going to need a connection at least 25Mbps. If we connect the television via Wi-Fi and the signal is weak, it is very likely that we will not reach that minimum and cuts will appear or we will have to watch movies and series in worse quality.

Therefore, in general we advise watching Netflix on TV via network cable whenever possible. If you have an installation in your home and you can run a LAN cable to the television, it is perfect to be able to receive a good signal and view streaming content without problems.

Of course, keep in mind that many televisions have a Fast Ethernet port. This means that the maximum speed that you are going to receive is 100 Mbps. Even so, as we have indicated, what you need is at least 25 Mbps, so it is more than enough to watch 4K content without any problem.

Watch Netflix without cuts

If you use Wi-Fi, that the signal reaches well

If you can’t use a network cable and your only option is to watch Netflix on TV via Wi-Fi, don’t worry because you can try to make the signal reach better. It is possible that if you connect directly to the router, the coverage is very weak and you cannot watch Netflix in maximum quality without interruptions.

What can you do? You can choose, for example, to install PLC devices. These devices are very useful to carry the connection from one place to another in the house. You can put one near the TV (never right next to it, as it can cause interference) and connect the TV via Wi-Fi to that PLC.

Another option is to have wifi repeaters or even a Mesh Wi-Fi system, which can cover a large area of ​​your home. In all these cases, the objective is that the wireless signal reaches the television well, with enough power so that you can watch Netflix without the dreaded cuts appearing.

Therefore, as you can see, the ideal is to connect the network cable television to watch Netflix. However, if you don’t have that option and you need to connect it via Wi-Fi, you can always use some devices to improve the signal and better reach the area you are interested in. You can always avoid cuts when watching Streaming on the Internet.

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