What kind of solutions are choosing SMEs from the Digital Kit?

As we have already reported, has kicked off its Digital Kit program, where it will distribute several billion to Spanish SMEs, for the time being, between 10 and 49 employees. But what kind of tool are they becoming more interested in? According to the study «Radiography of interests of the SME in front of the Solutions of the Digital Kit Program»from Cosmomedia, most small businesses choose to invest the aid in creating a web page.

Specific, 60% of the 574 businesses surveyed who meet the requirements for access to the grant, would select the web solution, compared to 13% who would choose the virtual office solution or 14%, secure communications.

Together with the web creation solution, social media management (54%) and customer and supplier management (39%) are the main categories of digital services for companies.

Larger SMEs opt for customer management

Of all the companies surveyed, there are notable differences between those that correspond to the smallest segment, from zero to two employees, with respect to the largest, from 10 to 49 employees. While 89% of micro-SMEs and the self-employed opt for marketing solutions (web authoring, e-commerce, and social media management) Larger companies select other management and administration solutions.

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So much so that, for example, 55% of SMEs with between 10 and 49 employees prefer to invest in customer and supplier managementplacing this category as the preferred one, even above web creation, the first solution according to the general average of all the companies surveyed.

Cybersecurity, at the tail end of digital investment

Another significant fact that establishes this infographic of interests of the Digital Kit has to do with the lack of motivation that the solutions of cybersecuritywhich, in the case of the Digital Kit, are broken down into two categories: Cybersecurity, on the one hand, and Secure Communications, on the other.

Only 23% of SMEs with a larger workforce would choose this service to redeem their Digital Voucher and only 13% of micro-SMEs would use it to implement security improvements in their communications. This data contrasts with the volume of cyberattacks of Spanish companies, which according to data from Check Point, increased by 79% in 2021. Investment in cybersecurity is the pending issue for SMEs, which opt for other types of digital solutions, rather than by reinforcing its systems and communications.

The “Radiography of the interests of the SME in front of the Solutions of the Digital Kit Program” represents the first analysis of the investment in digitalization for this 2022 of the Spanish small and medium-sized companies, waiting for the contracting of the services, with each call of companies. Web creation is positioned as the main serviceespecially for smaller businesses, which have a lower level of digital maturity than larger companies, with the “web milestone” already passed.

In this regard, it especially highlights the differences that exist in categories such as process management, which is only of interest 19% of micro-SMEswhile it represents a reference service for 41% of the segment of companies with 10 to 49 employees.

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