Which Amazon Echo to buy this Black Friday?

We are on Black Friday and as always, Amazon has lowered its entire range of electronic devices. Get hold of a smart speaker It is cheaper than ever, there are models that have up to 50% discount. If you want to start domotizing your home now or if you already have experience and are interested in expanding your team of smart speakers, this week you are in luck, since you will be able to acquire one of these devices at an irresistible price. These are the best deals we have found. Hurry, because they won’t last long.

What can we do with the Amazon voice assistant?

Amazon Alexa is the most advanced voice assistant that exists today. It allows us to interact with artificial intelligence using a language pretty natural and little forced. Thanks to this, Alexa has become the most popular voice assistant on the market, and its ecosystem is undoubtedly the broadest of all, since there are thousands of compatible products with this virtual assistant.

The list of functions that Alexa can do could be endless, but roughly, these are the more interesting features from Amazon’s voice assistant:

  • Create a connected home: Alexa gives us the ability to turn lights on and off, control speakers, automate tasks and countless operations that allow us to save time thanks to the connection between our electronic devices and the voice assistant.
  • Questions: you can ask Alexa for weather information, questions, unit conversions.
  • Lists, reminders, and timers: ideal if you are a clueless person. If you’re cooking and the rice runs out, you can say “Alexa, add rice to the shopping list.” And in the supermarket, you can check the Alexa app. You won’t have to use pen and paper again. You can also buy on Amazon directly using your voice.
  • Skills: these are extra functionalities that we can add to our assistant to make it more complete and intelligent.
  • Routines: Allows you to automate tasks, such as turning off the lights or turning on the heating. It is done based on a parameter such as the time.

The best Amazon Echo on sale this Black Friday

Echo Dot (3rd generation)

echo dot

The third-generation Dot is in its all-time low. For only 18.99 euros, you can put the Amazon assistant in any corner of the house. It’s a great buy if we already have an Echo and want to put a new speaker in a new room and don’t want to spend too much money. It is also great if we are looking to have our first device of the brand.

Echo Dot (4th generation)

We also have the current model of the Echo Dot on sale. Is available in three colors and in two finishes available. The normal model is reduced to 29.99 euros (50% discount) and the version with clock It is at 39.99 euros (43% discount).

In addition, you can take advantage of the moment to acquire this assistant in a kit depending on what you need. There are several packs on offer where the Dot with Phillips Hue bulbs is included. We can also buy it with an Amazon smart plug for 7 euros more.

Echo Flex

Amazon Echo Flex

The Flex is an accessory that allows expand our Amazon Alexa ecosystem in places where we don’t have much space, like a bathroom and kitchen. It works directly connected to the wall, and it is a very discreet device. We have it to 14.99 euros, that is, at a 50% discount.

Echo Show 5 (2021)

The authentic plum of this Black Friday is the Echo with screen. It is an ideal product to replace our lifelong alarm clock. It also allows us to make video calls or watch our house when we are not there. It is located 44.99 euros, or what is the same, with a saving of 40 euros compared to its normal price. We can also take advantage of the offer that is available and purchase it together with some Phillips Hue bulbs White or a mini Blink surveillance camera.

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