Why does the Mac Pro have that design?

Apple’s most powerful computer has an unconventional design, with a very large box and handles to make it easier to transport and you can take it from one place to another. Its design is ideal so that the functions can be carried out correctly and without the computer overheating. In this post we tell you some of the reasons why Apple opted for a groundbreaking design.

It is the most powerful computer of the Cupertino company and it has nothing left over, and everything has its reason. Mac Pro has been designed from the inside out to create a high-performance system that delivers on two things: absolute flexibility and maximum usability. It is a tool designed to eliminate barriers and you can work in the best possible way.

Why your design is different

Mac Pro starts with a stainless steel frame that supports a huge variety of components and configurations. Extending from the legs to the handles, it stores the overall system and includes mounting points for internal elements. A single entry point was not enough. Therefore, you can remove the aluminum case and have full access to the system. The motherboard is double-sided to make it easy for you to add and remove components. The processor, graphics card, and expansion slots are located on one side. Storage and memory, on the other. When you want to customize your Mac Pro, he will be more than willing.

The extreme performance of Mac Pro requires a very powerful thermal system. It features three axial fans that silently circulate air across the CPU and GPUs to keep them cool even under the most intense workloads. On the opposite side, an exhaust fan sucks in air past the memory, storage, and power supply and exhausts it out the back of the computer.

Every component you interact with has been designed to work seamlessly and intuitively, from the handles and latches to the ports on the top, to the optional casters and rackmount system. Featuring stainless steel handles that are rounded and comfortable to hold, and because they’re part of the frame itself, Mac Pro offers excellent solidity when picked up or moved.

mac pro handle

It also has top ports, wheels and a top closure. There are two Thunderbolt 3 ports strategically placed at the top, making it that much easier to make those important connections. Optional wheels let you easily transport Mac Pro around the set or from studio to studio. Twist the top latch to release the aluminum case from the frame, and you can use it as a handle to lift the case up and access the entire system. It is undoubtedly a somewhat cumbersome design but it has its explanation.

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