Why shouldn’t you buy the standard edition of Diablo IV?

On June 6 it goes on sale worldwide. Diablo IV. The latest installment of one of the most successful franchises of the last 25 years that gains a new step with its sights set on filling all our time for at least another decade. In the image and likeness of its previous chaptersas Diablo II at the end of the 90s and, above all, Diablo III in 2012.

Several purchase alternatives

The fact is that, as usual, Diablo IV It will be available for purchase on PC, PlayStation 5 (and PS4) and Xbox Series X | S through three different editions that, each one, introduces a series of gifts and additions –almost always cosmetic and game– that will help us to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the mortals. Especially those who opt for the cheapest edition, which is the one that incorporates the least content. Right here below you have what each of those versions includes:

Diablo® IV X X X
Lightbringer Mount (Pre-Order Bonus) X X X
Faith Carapace Mount Armor X X X
Inarius’s Wings and Inarius’s Murloc Pet in Diablo® III X X X
Amalgam Rage mount in World of Warcraft X X X
Diablo Immortal Winged Darkness Brown Cosmetic Set X X X
Up to 4 days early access to Diablo IV (pre-order bonus) X X
Temptation Mount X X
Infernato Carapace Mount Armor X X
Premium Season Battle Pass Unlock X X
Season Battle Pass Accelerated Unlock (includes a Premium Season Battle Pass unlock, plus 20 tier skips and a cosmetic) X
Emote Wings of the Creator X
Price (consoles/PC) €79.99 / €69.99 €99.99 / €89.99 €109.99 / €99.99

Well then, although it is very good that they give us items to use in the game – even some that it is possible to exchange for our character in Diablo III–, there is an incentive that is the one that will opt you the most for buying any of the versions that are not the standard. That is, both the Digital Deluxe Edition as the Ultimate Edition. And indeed, it has to do with the possibility of enjoying before anyone else Diablo IV.

This is not something new since in recent months we have seen another indisputable success resort to some of the special versions to allow us to enter it several days before the scheduled release date. Is about Hogwarts Legacy. An extra that is especially motivating and that will allow you to carry the adventure forward when the others begin to access the day of sale.

Plus it falls on a weekend

Indeed, the editions Digital Deluxe and Ultimate of Diablo IV They have a special feature that will allow us to access four days before Tuesday June 6, and it is that this extra game time coincides with a weekend, since Friday is the 2nd and we can enter already in advance. This gift is especially relevant because it is not the typical novelty that officially arrives on a Friday and allows us to enter a Tuesday or Wednesday, which are days in which, due to studies or work, we usually have it full of tasks, so it is of four days that we are going to take advantage of especially to the fullest.

Of course, the price difference between some editions and others could convince you to buy only the standard but in case you regret it, that you know that there is the possibility at any time to pay only the upgrade to get those extra benefits. You will have to pay 20 euros to convert your purchase into the Digital Deluxe or 30 to become the Ultimate Edition.

As you see, Diablo IV is already calling you up to enter Sanctuary and with these four extra days of play, you will most likely end up convincing yourself that it is worth paying for an extra that also brings some goodies digital to exchange in our account that never come bad. No?

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