Why you should disable Windows Remote Desktop if you don’t use it

Windows Remote Desktop is a very useful feature in situations where you need to access a computer, but cannot physically access it. However, there are risks associated with its use so you should only keep it active when you are going to use it.

Remote desktop is a classic tool that has been in Windows for many versions and became so popular that it allowed the arrival of third-party software such as AnyDesk and TeamViewer, and other related ones from Microsoft, such as quick assistance that was released in Windows. 10 and that allows you to receive or provide help to solve computer problems through a remote connection.

Its operation is known using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) that allows the connection between two Windows computers or between a PC and a mobile device. The main computer we want to access must be a PC with Windows 10/11 (it also works with Windows 7 or 8, even if they are not officially supported) in Pro, Enterprise or Education versions, while the access can be done from a PC with Windows or macOS and iOS or Android mobile devices by installing the corresponding app provided by Microsoft.

How to disable remote desktop in Windows

Activating and using this tool is very simple, but you have to know that there are some associated risks. And we refer to the computer attacks against the RDP protocol that have increased in recent years. Cybercriminals take advantage of vulnerabilities in the protocol itself or misconfigured access to design attacks, especially Ransomware, and it is known that malicious developments such as LockBit, Conti, Hive, PYSA, Crysis, SamSam either DharmaThey use this kind of attack against RDP for initial access to computers.

Considering the power of a remote access that can completely control a computer, you can imagine that the threat is serious. And in fact, Microsoft has tightened the security of this feature in Windows 11 by automatically locking accounts after invalid login attempts that are brute force referrals.

If you do not use it, it is highly recommended that you keep this function disabled. This can be done from the Control Panel, from the registry editor, the Firewall or the console, but the easiest management is done from:

  • Access the general Configuration tool from the start menu or by pressing the “Windows + I” hotkeys.
  • In the System section navigate to Remote Desktop.
  • Just disable the feature with its slider.

what was said Remote desktop is a very powerful and useful tool, but it must always be disabled if you don’t use it.

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