Why you should use smart lights at home today

Advantages of smart lights

The smart bulbs They are cheap and easy to use devices. There are different types and we can say that it is one of the first that we bought when we started to domotize the house. It has advantages that you can start using in your day-to-day life quickly and take advantage of technology.

Remote control

The first reason is power have remote control. You will be able to decide when to turn the lights on or off even without having to be at home. It is also very useful to avoid leaving a light on due to forgetfulness or even a light bulb in the patio that you leave on during the day and you don’t know it.

Another interesting use is that you can simulate that there is a presence at home. If you’re traveling, you can pretend someone is home by remotely turning lights on and off. You will simply have to use your mobile for it.

Motion sensor

Smart bulbs, at least many models, have a motion sensor. This is useful for detecting when someone enters a room, hallway, or anywhere. This is used to turn them on or off automatically, so we won’t have to press any button.

In addition, they can be used to detect presence somewhere. A security measures which can also come in handy, along with surveillance cameras and other products.

You can see some interesting bulbs:

Energy saving

Having smart lights at home is also very interesting for save energy. First of all, they are LED bulbs that spend much less than traditional ones and even less than low consumption ones. But also, due to their own technology, they offer more options to spend less electricity.

A clear example is that you will be able to schedule turning them off and on, so you won’t have to leave them longer than necessary. Also, if you use models that have motion sensors, you can turn them on automatically and turn them off on their own when they are no longer necessary.

Synchronize bulbs with other devices

you will also be able sync the lights with other devices. It is another advantage of using smart bulbs. For example, you will be able to synchronize them with speakers. This way, when you watch a movie or play music, they can sync up and change color depending on the scene or the beat of the music.

Of course, not all smart bulbs have this possibility. You need to buy a model that is compatible. So you can make the most of them and be able to link other devices.

As you can see, smart lights are a good option for your home with automation. They are cheap, easy to use and also offer different advantages. You will be able to save energy, synchronize other devices or even improve the security of your home. Of course, it is essential to have a good Wi-Fi at home.

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