With LaKuenta freelancers can turn their mobile into a virtual dataphone

the Navarrese, muxunavhas just launched an electronic payment method that allows self-employed workers turn your mobile into a virtual dataphone. The objective is to offer the more than three million self-employed workers in our country a more comfortable and efficient management of their services.

According to the Mobile & Connectivity study, 82.2% of respondents say who knows and uses QR codes. At the same time, digital wallets or mobile payment solutions are gaining traction. 42% of the Spanish population already pays by bringing the mobile to the terminal. Faced with this new scenario, born TheKuenta.

Alternative to cash payment

LaKuenta offers self-employed workers an alternative to paying with cash avoiding the risk of theft or loss of money and, at the same time, Eliminates the inconvenience of using a dataphone offering its customers a fluid, fast and secure payment method.

The digital payment method developed by MUXUNAV works through the website, without the need to download an application, and allows access via mobile, tablet or PDA. In addition, it offers a great advantage when it comes to improving the work management of the freelancers: the automatic generation of the invoice for download.

His utilization it is very simple and intuitive. The user accesses through the website, enters the amount of the product or service they wish to charge, the system directly generates a QR code and the customer scans it with their mobile phone’s camera.

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The website incorporates the four most widely used means of payment today. In addition to a bank card and commercial BIZUM, it includes Google Pay and Apple Pay, channels that to date employ more than three million users in our country and that, according to a Telecoming study, will concentrate 93% of electronic payments by 2026.

No commissions

LaKuenta does not charge commissions for the operations carried out, only a basic monthly fee for the use of the service. However, the holder must pay the commission required by the payment method selected by the client: 0% in the case of BIZUM COMERCIAL; 0.30% Bank card, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Access to the service allows an initial free trial period for 14 days.

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