With this desk, you can charge your laptop with pedals!

Is called eKinekt Bike Desk 3, It was introduced at CES this year and it comes to provide you with the function of using your laptop without connecting it anywhere. It doesn’t matter if the light goes out, you will always have a battery for your devices.

How does it work?

Its operation is very simple, through the kinetic energy that we provide when pedaling, it will move an alternator that will convert it into electrical energy that will go directly to our laptop. But not only him, but we can charge a mobile or even a coffee maker. Everything that can be connected with a USB or C port. Since it would bring 2 of the first and 1 of the second.

The invention is designed so that we can work on a self-sufficient desk. Connect an LED lamp, charge our headphones, etc. Everything necessary to be able to carry out our work without the need for electricity. So if there is a power outage we will be safe.

Now up to you. The speed at which you pedal will be the energy you produce. Acer tells us that it is designed for about 60 revolutions per minute, which would be equivalent to generate 75 constant watts. A laptop as a general rule, unless we are squeezing it, will not exceed 50 watts, and a mobile for example about 5, so you can get an idea that if you pedal well you will not even need to be doing it all the time to generate enough energy from a day of work

desk with bicycle
Plus, it’s customizable.
, both in height, inclination, saddle, pedals, bringing the desk closer to our body, etc. So you can be very comfortable in it. It has two modes of use, both adapted to using the table and if we just want to exercise without further ado. The rest can be moved to such an extent that it does not bother us and we can even pedal comfortably.

A point in favor apart from clean energy is exercise, since sometimes we do not have time for physical activity. Well now you will have no excuse, you will be able to do an hour of stationary bicycle without leaving your work desk. 2×1. What else do you want?

It has its own application that will tell you the amount of energy you have generated, the minutes of exercise, calories, distance and other data, as if it were a normal exercise bike from a gym. Something that can motivate us to exercise, even if we don’t want to generate energy.

Its launch price is €999 and it is expected to be available from next month (June 2023). Not a bad price considering the rise that exercise bikes have had since the pandemic. Also, if we can save some light, not so bad. We can always punish the child and send him to ride a bike.

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