Xbox Series S: up to € 120 discount on Amazon in case of used-in trade-in

Xbox Series S it is a little gem of performance at a very low price to access the new generation of consoles but, now, there is a way to save even more. Amazon Italy in fact gave life to the program ReCommerce, which will allow us to get up to € 120 off the purchase of an Xbox Series S in case of exchange of our used.

How to get 120 € discount on Amazon for the purchase of an Xbox Series S

To be able to access the initiative, all we have to do is go to the official product page and, just below the console description, look for the section “Receive up to € 120 for your console. ” Here we will find a link to click on which, through a questionnaire focused on our old console, will allow us to obtain an evaluation of the same.

These are the usual routine questions, things like confirming the correct functioning of the console, the presence of the original accessories and the general condition of our used.

Once the questionnaire is finished, Amazon will offer us the evaluation of our old console which can reach up to 120 € (but in the case of excellent conditions of a newer console, there are also testimonies of higher evaluations).

If we accept the proposal, the console must then be sent to the address provided and, within 48 hours of arrival in the warehouses, we will receive a bank transfer of the agreed amount.

The consoles accepted into Amazon’s ReCommerce program include virtually all consoles of the past generation, PS4, PS4 PRO, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, including the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

A great solution to get rid of our old console and take home an Xbox Series S!

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