You can buy the best iPad of 2021 cheaper: look at their prices

If you are thinking of buying an iPad, either to renew yours or to try an Apple tablet for the first time, you will surely be very interested in what we are going to tell you. The iPad Air It is the most recommended option for a majority and now you can buy it cheaper. So if this catches your attention, keep reading because we tell you more about it.

What makes this iPad Air great?

It is worth that it was launched a year ago and that if we take into account the iPad Pro, this device does not offer such good performance. However, this does not exempt him from being able to brand him as the best. And is that, is it necessary for you so much power? If you are looking for an iPad with which to carry out heavy tasks continuously or you are looking for one that has a panel of the highest quality that exists, the ‘Pro’ are for you. In any other case, this iPad Air could satisfy you and more considering that it’s cheaper.

Offers a 10.9 inch screen on a front that looks practically identical in design to that of the ‘Pro’ and with a quality more than enough for day to day and very valid for playing multimedia content such as series or movies. All this with a color palette to choose very attractive that makes it more customizable.

An iPad that also offers a performance very good with the A14 Bionic chip. That although it is not the most recommended for heavy tasks, more than anything for the times, it is not that it is left behind and sporadically you can even resort to video editing. It is possible to move through the interface very smoothly and everything loads quite quickly.

For homework office automation, surfing the Internet or take notes it is ideal. And it is that above it is ** compatible with Apple Pencil 2, in addition to keyboards and mice both official Apple, and third parties. And all with a very well optimized compendium of applications and with the guarantee that you will have many years of iPadOS updates.

Where and how can you buy at a discount?

It should be noted that it is on Amazon where you can buy this iPad with discounts, with full guarantees of authenticity and that they are new according to the fact that it is Apple who supplies them. They are also offered 2 years warranty that will be managed by Apple during the first year and by Amazon itself during the second.

It should be noted that there are WiFi versions that allow you to connect to the internet this way, while the WiFi + Cellular will also allow you to do it through mobile data by hiring a fee. In any of these versions, as well as colors and storage capacity, we can find discounts now on Amazon compared to an Apple Store.

  • WiFi versions:
    • 64GB storage:
      • Any color: 50 euros discount
    • 256 GB of storage:
      • Silver color: 70 euros discount
      • Space gray or pink color: 65 euros discount
      • Blue or green color: 39 euros discount

ipad air 2020

  • WiFi versions:
    • 64GB storage:
      • Pink colour: 97 euros discount
      • Space gray, silver, blue or green color: 70 euros discount
    • 256 GB of storage:
      • Silver or green color: 84 euros discount
      • Space gray color: 77 euros discount
      • Blue or pink color: 68 euros discount
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