Your journey to the cloud starts here

When we think about moving our workloads to the cloud, we often consider things like agility, potential cost savings, ability to scale, or how our data will be protected.

However, many times we do not usually take into account what the infrastructure in which these workloads are going to be stored and processed is like, or what tools the technology provider offers us to be able to work more efficiently and even more sustainably.

We know that we may be interested in a public cloud environment, but we are not always clear about what advantages a private cloud or a hybrid deployment can offer us. And yet, as companies like OVHcloud say, on many occasions a digital transformation process needs to combine the power, speed and flexibility of the public cloud, with the security and unique capabilities offered by a private cloud environment.

This is what we tell you in ”Your journey to the cloud starts here”a complete course made up of four videos, in which Matias SosaOVHcloud Product Marketing Manager for Southern Europe, guides us in the best way to manage our ICT infrastructure and the migration of our loads to the cloud, based on our current and future needs.

What will you learn in this course

In this video course, the OVHcloud expert tells us in four practical lessons what are the advantages of moving your virtualized workloads to the cloud, how you can do it with vmware and because OVH Cloud Hosted Private Cloud it is the best infrastructure to do it.

In the first of the videos, you will learn how to move from on-premises data center virtualization to cloud virtualization and what benefits you can expect to gain in this new environment.

In the second, we’ll look at the difference between extending and migrating our data centers to the cloud, what you can expect from different providers, and why VMware may be the ideal solution for this journey.

In the third episode we will explain what you can find in a basic OVHcloud Hosted Private Cloud plan and what technologies it uses to ensure the continuity of your business. We will also see the importance of technologies such as vSphere, vMotion or Fault Tolerance. Finally, in the last episode of this course, we will explain the unique way in which VMware vSan is deployed on OVHcloud servers and how your company you can benefit from this special configuration.

In short, in a simple way and just a click away, we put in your hands a completely free course that will clear up the main doubts you may have in your next migration to the cloud. Do you dare to try it? Sign up here!

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