Your next computer to play will no longer be yours (possibly)

We are in the midst of what is called stagflation, where prices rise, but wages do not. This means that the purchasing power of users is reduced and companies have to look for other sales methods and business models to make the machinery work. One of these things is to apply techniques such as Leasing or Renting, that is, the PC rental. Are we going to see ourselves doomed to that?

One of the greatest evils in our society is debt. In exchange for having a product that would be impossible for us to obtain and for a small price, we end up assuming a long-term debt for which we will pay more than if we paid outright for it. product. Unfortunately, the world of hardware at the moment, and with this we aim at everyone, is too expensive and therefore out of touch with the current economic situation.

Why will our future PC be for rent?

Of course, everything you see now has been designed for years, even before the pandemic was a distant rumor. Since hardware development times can be up to five years. Once Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, and many others have begun the process of designing a hardware, as well as preparing for its production, it reaches the point that going back means losing enormous money. The consequences? Great products, but inadequate to the economic situation of the users.

Another issue is the fact that PC hardware is so years ahead of what games need to run that it has brought the industry to a halt. And yes, we know that the old vices of not optimizing computer games continue, but really buying a PC to play today and that is high-end means being able to play several years without problems. It does not reach the level of life of a console, but almost.

What does all this lead us? Well, we are going to start seeing people who, just as they pay for the car in installments, will start to pay for the computer in installments. That is to say, PC rental will become commonplace and therefore people will pay a bit each month to have their hardware, What’s more, at that point you will be able to continue paying in exchange for a renewal of your PC. However, we are not only going to see this in PC Gamer, but in other markets, since it makes much more sense in the professional world than in the consumer world, although it has been applied for a long time.

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The PC as a means of production

A computer that is used to create things that make money, that is, if it is used professionally, then it becomes a means of production and not of consumption. So its value goes up with it and it becomes a necessary good if you are a professional in that sector. Therefore, many professionals with design studios, work offices, etc., tend to rent their PCs, since it is the easiest way to get it and because their daily activity allows them to pay for it.

Ordinary users are another thing, the key question is whether they will be forced into simpler configurations and out of the economy, or will they be in debt in the long term. Honestly, we have very well observed that people with two fingers of a brain don’t usually get into debt, in any case, let’s hope that the day does not come when ordinary people do not have to ask for a loan to pay for their computer in installments.

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