Zorin OS 16 Education, a good option to introduce your children to Linux

Zorin OS 16 Education is the version for educational environments of the GNU/Linux distribution that aspires to convince Windows users of the convenience of trying the free system and eventually staying with it as a replacement or together with it, which is also possible as some users do.

This weekend our verylinux colleagues presented in their PING the educational version of the latest version of this distro, which -personally as a regular user of Windows and Linux- is one of the most I like thinking of a initial and non-traumatic approach to the world of Linux. (Although installing and using Linux has never been easier)

The version we are dealing with is a derivative of the latest version released last spring, Zorin OS 16. It is the basis for the rest of the versions offered by this developer, the most advanced ‘PRO’ or the lightest ‘Lite’, to cover various market segments. They all stand out for that Degree of familiarity with the visual aspects of Windows or enhanced components like WINE to run Microsoft platform applications.

Of course, it has its own personality, uses the great capabilities of the Linux kernel, Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS on which it is based, and offers easy access to applications in a ‘single store’ that includes the Flathub repositories, those of Ubuntu or the Canonical store.

Zorin OS 16 Education

«This new version takes advantage of new features and improvements in Zorin OS 16, our most advanced operating system. It includes a faster and improved desktop, easier entry with the new Access Tour, faster navigation using touchpad gestures, and access to more apps than ever before; just to name a few. Enhanced hardware support also ensures you get the best experience on old and new PCs.s”, says the developer in his presentation.

As for this version, combines the general features of Zorin OS with dedicated teaching applications and tools for educators. It should be noted that it is the first version of this development that includes the ready-to-use Kolibri platform. It is a set of Open Source solutions focused especially on supporting offline learning, in contexts where there is no Internet access, it is expensive or unreliable.

Zorin developers also announce, in addition to everything that the educational version had, four new programs focused on education that are included in this version:

  • Minder is a powerful Mind Mapping application (creative and perceptive methodology based on Visual Thinking and Associative Thinking), which allows the ideas and projects of the youngest to come to life.
  • Foliate is a simple and modern eBook viewer designed to keep you focused on what you’re reading. It has a built-in book catalog from where you can download thousands of public domain titles for free.
  • OpenBoard is a dynamic canvas for interactive whiteboards in the classroom. Beyond drawing, it has the ability to annotate documents and web pages, display multimedia content, and incorporate tools such as calculators, maps, and other interactive elements.
  • Minuet is an application to help teach musical knowledge. It has a set of ear training exercises for intervals, chords, scales and others.

Zorin OS 16 Education, a good option to introduce your children to Linux 31

Zorin OS 16 Education is licensed as open source and totally free. The version has an extended support program and will have software updates and security patches until April 2025. You can download it from its website. An ‘Education Lite’ version is also available, focused on the educational segment, but intended for use on older equipment or with reduced hardware level

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