2-year-old girl died from drinking adulterated vodka: her father found her passed out next to her mother

Andrey metkin He is 38 years old and He is a taxi driver. A few days ago he covered the night shift and came home first thing in the morning, expecting that his two-year-old daughter Anna run to the entrance of the house and jump to hug him. However, it did not happen that way, and that attracted his attention too much, because the little girl always did.

Then he entered his house and that was when he made the terrible discovery: the girl and his wife Olga Charonova, 43 years old, they lay unconscious on the bed. Neither of them reacted, so Andrey limmediately called an ambulance. The emergency services arrived at the house, and transferred both to the Noginsk Hospital, in Moscow, Russia.

Olga managed to survive but little Anna did not have the same fate. According to official reports, both suffered intoxication after allegedly drinking fake vodka, as a search of his home revealed that there were several bottles of a cheap drink called “Red Berry”, whose content is 14 percent alcohol.

According to the media, Andrey Metkin said that I had never seen her drink alcohol so he cannot explain how it all happened. For her part, Olga, six days after being admitted, reported that he doesn’t remember what happened when they were both poisoned by the drink.

Alert for adulterated alcohol in Russia

Despite the fact that Anna’s father did not know when both had ingested the adulterated drink, the local authorities already investigate whether or not the girl’s death was negligence yours and your wife Olga.

Anna’s death adds to a wave of deaths in Russia from alleged consumption of adulterated or poisoned alcohol. Official reports indicate that so far this year, 774 people have died after ingesting these drinks that apparently contain highly toxic methanol, of which 36 were in Orsk and 30 in Yekaterinburg.

So far, the Russian authorities report that they have already arrested some people related to this adulterated alcohol.

With information from Daily Mail and The Sun


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