5 things to do with your iPhone when you don’t have internet

It is undeniable that more than 90% of what we do with our iPhone requires the internet. A smartphone of this type could not be conceived without having a connection or at least it would not be very practical to make the most of its functions. But it is not the end of the world either, since in the end there are entertainment alternatives that allow you to continue using the iPhone comfortably.

Suddenly running out of internet on your iPhone is usually a problem, but if the reason you don’t have a connection is because you’re going to spend time in an area with no WiFi and no coverage, even taking a plane trip, you’re probably interested know what you can do. In this post we review 5 + 1 things you can keep doing.

The world does not end if your iPhone does not have internet

In addition to saving battery life on your device by not being connected to the network, you will be able to continue doing all this without any problem:

  • Read a book, listen to music or watch a series / movie as long as you have them downloaded to be able to consume them offline. It is an excellent entertainment option that will make time fly by and do not miss the connection.
  • Games that don’t require internet like the ones we collect in the post we link to. These will not need WiFi or data to be able to play, so you can download them before and have them at your disposal before the cut.

  • Rearrange your iPhone to get out of the routine and perhaps reach an extra point of productivity in your use. Adding widgets and playing games to see where they can be most useful to you is part of the experience and can help you time pass faster.
  • Rummaging through the settings it is always used to find something new. You may discover a configuration that you were not aware of and that may be useful when using your iPhone.
  • Call a family member or friend if you still have voice coverage to make and receive calls. Surely you have more than one acquaintance with whom you have not spoken for a long time precisely because you do not have time to dedicate to him.

Bonus: just disconnect

Without wanting to analyze or debate current times, we cannot deny that we live in a time in which we live too fast. We want everything now and any setback that goes out of schedule can make our day bitter. Glued to the mobile many times we miss many other wonderful things. And yes, it sounds very philosophical and even cheesy, but it’s true. If you have the opportunity, try to disconnect at least until you have internet on the iPhone again and enjoy the little valued (and important) digital silence.

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