Aloja Experience raises 150,000 euros and creates a new marketing channel

Aloja Experience has just closed its first financing round worth 150,000 euros. This startup specialized in the impact of brands through its products in tourist accommodationimproving the guest experience, has received an injection of capital, led by the Unitatea/DraperB1 and Successful SPV funds.

Founded in Madrid in November 2020, Aloja Experience has created a new marketing channel; Capturing, segmenting and categorizing any type of tourist accommodation according to the needs of the brands. In this way, they manage to make the perfect match between the managers, the guests and the brand itself, to give the products and services a try.

“If the best time of the year for any person is a trip and their vacations, we give our clients the possibility of being able to accompany them” its founders comment Cristian Rivas and Santiago Tobon.

The company will allocate the capital increase in the development of a platform that allows brands to design and contract their campaigns in a matter of clicks, and in the expansion of its reach, to have more accommodations, new types of tourist channels and the creation of new modalities of impact to any traveler.

Goal 2023

“Spain has many different types of tourist accommodation, and wherever a guest is going to stay, we want to give them an experience with the Aloja Experience seal” says Cristian Rivas. with close to 10,000 accommodations in Spain, Portugal and Andorrathe startup today can reach more than a million potential guests annually. By 2023, they seek to increase this number exponentially, and provide brands 360º experiential activations where to connect in a unique way with your consumers.

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Today, Aloja Experience has carried out campaigns for different brands within the portfolio of clients such as Heineken, Revlon, Cantabria Labs, Pernod Ricard or Diageo.

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