Amazon Prime Video 2022: These are the prices you will have to pay for the service in Mexico

Amazon Prime Video It has quickly become a well-loved movie and series streaming service in Mexico, with both local and foreign productions, which each constantly renews its catalog to stay fresh and current.

Given the recent changes in Netflix prices, the question arises of how much it will cost Amazon Prime Video in 2022, since the benefits of having a prime account range from free shipping to watching movies, series, redeeming some video games and even part of the music catalog to enjoy streaming.

Unlike other competitors, membership offers access to other benefits, including free shipping on all purchases you make through Amazon, as well as exclusive discounts on it, access to Amazon Music, its music streaming service that contains more than two million songs without ads, plus Prime Gaming, which offers exclusive promotions on eligible physical game presales and free monthly subscriptions on Twitch.

How much will Amazon Prime Video cost in Mexico in 2022?

Although for now, no type of adjustment has been announced in the price of Amazon Prime Video, it is not ruled out that during 2022 it will suffer some kind of adjustment. As of this writing, the expected prices for Amazon in 2022 are as follows:

You can get a discount by buying an annual plan, its cost is $ 899 Mexican pesos, all year offers you the benefits of using Amazon Prime Video, from video to the shipping part. Otherwise, if you want to pay the service monthly, its cost is $ 99 Mexican pesos per monthThis option also provides the previously mentioned benefits with the only difference that its price is higher, in the long term.

How to get my free month of Amazon Prime?

To get your free month of Amazon prime if you have not subscribed any time yet, all you have to do is go to the Amazon prime section and activate the offer, remember to deactivate periodic billing, otherwise a charge of 899 will be made for a year of prime.

What are Amazon’s payment methods?

To pay for the service Amazon prime the accepted payment methods are the following:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American express
  • License
  • Cash payment at OXXO
  • Payment with months without interest
  • Amazon Cash
  • Amazon Rechargeable

Remember that for some content, cards such as American Express or even Amazon Cash may not work, the recommendation is always to use a Visa or MasterCard so that all payments can be made correctly.


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