Apple enters 29% more and confirms the leadership of the iPhone

Apple has already officially announced its economic results corresponding to the third quarter of 2021, what they know as Q4 2021, considering it their last quarter of the year even though it refers to July, August and September. These results also serve to reaffirm the upward trend, although not as many expected. In this post we tell you more details about it.

Apple grows, but below expectations

Apple continued to grow in the last quarter with respect to the second of the year, although really the correct comparison is with the same period last year. It is in this comparison that we can observe the growth of the company by almost 30%, something that, however, is well below expectations and is that the crisis in the components sector has caused the company to lose 6,000 million as reported by its CEO, Tim Cook.

In any case, the company has obtained some total revenue of $ 83.36 billion very appreciable. Tim Cook was also optimistic about the future thanks to recent launches such as the iPhone 13 or the new MacBook Pro, without neglecting his corporate message regarding the intention that the company meets the 2030 agenda and can become carbon neutral.

Product revenue division

Q4 2021 Results


Q4 2021 (billion $) Q4 2020 (billion $)
38,868 26,444


Q4 2021 (billion $) Q4 2020 (billion $)
9,178 9,032


Q4 2021 (billion $) Q4 2020 (billion $)
8,785 6,797

Wearables, Home and Accessories

Q4 2021 (billion $) Q4 2020 (billion $)
8,785 7,876


Q4 2021 (billion $) Q4 2020 (billion $)
18,277 14,549

Total sales

Q4 2021 (billion $) Q4 2020 (billion $)
83,360 64,698

Although Apple does not detail the number of units it sells of each device, nor the models, we can see that according to the data it provides there is not much news. The iPhone is still king, assuming almost a 47% of the business of the brand, having had a considerable rebound compared to the same period of 2020, largely boosted by the iPhone 12, given that the results were obtained on September 25 and the ’13’ were released on the 24th on the market.

iphone 12 battery comparison

Remarkable for bad is the slight increase in Mac, a range of products that has probably been the most affected by the crisis of components. The iPad for their part, they have increased in a reasonable way, surely thanks to the ‘Pro’ models presented this year and the good taste in the mouth that the ‘Air’ of 2020 has left. accessories and services, the company continues to grow considerably, being seen as obvious growth niches for the brand.

Double revenue in China

Q4 2021 Results by Territories


Q4 2021 ($ billion) Q4 2020 ($ billion)
36,820 30,698


Q4 2021 ($ billion) Q4 2020 ($ billion)
20,794 16,900


Q4 2021 ($ billion) Q4 2020 ($ billion)
14,563 7,946


Q4 2021 ($ billion) Q4 2020 ($ billion)
5,991 5,023

Rest of Asia

Q4 2021 ($ billion) Q4 2020 ($ billion)
5,192 4,131

Total income

Q4 2021 ($ billion) Q4 2020 ($ billion)
83,360 64,698

That one of the main technology markets is China is no secret and 2020 was hard for them in this territory as it was the origin of the first outbreak of COVID-19. Now, a year later, the company begins to see recovery in this area by having duplicate your income in this country. It is also worth highlighting how Europe continues to grow, while Japan and the rest of the Asian countries experience somewhat slower growth.

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