Are Today at Apple sessions free?

The Cupertino company is not only concerned with providing people with equipment loaded with power and possibilities to make daily life easier, but it is also concerned with making the users of these devices learn to get the most out of them. For this there are the Today At Apple sessions, which is what we are going to talk about in this post, so you can know everything about them.

What are Today At Apple sessions and how much do they cost?

If you have never heard of the Today At Apple sessions, the first thing we have to do is tell you what they are about. Well, they are just a series of workshops, classes or demonstrationswhere people, whether or not they have an Apple device, can come to learn how to use and take all the game to the teams themselves of the Cupertino company. As we said, Apple wants users not only to invest a greater or lesser amount of money in its products, but also to ensure that the experience they have with them is as satisfactory as possible, for which they understand that teaching them to use all the functions that these have is important.

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One of the most frequent questions whenever a person hears for the first time what the Today At Apple sessions consist of, is if these workshops or classes cost money, that is, if you have to pay to be able to sign up and attend them, and the reality is no. Apple teaches all these sessions completely free of chargeand in addition, these are taught by professionals from each of the sectors, who know very well what they are talking about.

Types of sessions available

One of the highlights of these Today At Apple sessions is the great quantity and variety they have, in addition to the fact that the Cupertino company is constantly evolving and renewing those that, as devices evolve, must also evolve with them, always in order to make the most of the teams. Then we leave you the list with the different types of sessions that there are.

  • Photography
  • Video
  • Music
  • Art and Design
  • Products

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Within each of these categories you can find a wide variety of workshops that, as we have said, they vary over time, so we recommend you always be attentive or attentive so as not to miss those that are more exclusive. It’s a great way to get started in the world of Apple, as well as learn techniques to take better photos and videos with the iPhone.

One of the aspects that you have to take into account is that these sessions only are taught in those cities where there is an Apple Store. To sign up you can do it in several ways, the first is through Apple’s own website, where you only have to choose the session you want to go to, a location and a time to attend. In addition, you can also do it directly from the application that you have on your iPhone and iPad from the Apple Store, in the sessions section that you have at the bottom of the interface. From the editorial team of La Manzana Mordida we encourage you to try the experience of attending, at least, one of these sessions, because you will surely discover and learn many things.

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