Apple is cheaper than Android and we’ll prove it to you

Apple 1, Android 0.

The quality of Apple devices has always been beyond doubt. Instead, it has always been common to hear that the price of Apple devices are expensive and that you pay to have the “apple logo”. We are going to deny some myths about this reflection.

If you want a good Android, you will have to pay

It is true that Apple has always had the most expensive devices in the mobile technology industry. However, if we look at the last few years, Android devices have surpassed the base price of new iPhones.

The iPhone 14 Pro has a starting price of $999, the same price that has been established since the launch of the iPhone X 5 years ago. Android devices have been increasing progressively, easily exceeding the barrier of $999 base price.

AirPods Pro 2 and iPhone 14 Pro Max


When you buy an Apple device, you not only you buy a product you acquire an ecosystem that allows synchronization between all your devices that makes your workflow much more productive and efficient. You have all the services, many of them free, such as AirDrop or iCloud so you can send files between devices quickly.

Apple products all

Android has alternatives, but They are not native nor are they understood perfectly the same as Apple devices. In the event that they are native, they are so adapted to all types of systems that they do not reach the same degree as in Apple.

support update

Unlike many Androids, many Apple devices only have access to a couple of years of updates.Apple offers updates for 6 years. Proof of this, the iPhone X, which is 5 years old since its launch, has recently updated to iOS 16. Likewise, for those phones that do not receive support updates, Apple grants patches and security updates with the aim of making the device safe for users. Having an iPhone is synonymous with longevity, an Android has a shorter duration in time, having to renew the device every 2-3 years due to loss of performance.


Apple value, always a great sale.

Apple devices are devalued at a lower rate than Android devices. The price that Apple stipulates from its launch until the day of its discontinuation appears constantly on the official Apple website. The consequence of this is that a well-cared-for iPhone or Mac with a good battery percentage can lose 23-30% of its value in a year, therefore, you can recover a large part of the investment you made a year ago and purchase a new device at a lower price. Many Android devices, It has offers during the year or they are lowering their price as the months go by, making it increasingly difficult to sell a second hand product at a decent price.

It is true that Apple products are very expensive, but you pay every penny you invest in purchasing a device. Then, you can go into issues of whether or not they deserve the corduroy in relation to a Windows or Android device, but what if it is clear, is that they are expensive, but cheap in time.

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