Be careful if your Apple TV breaks, this says your warranty

How long is the warranty?

This point is important because it is key to knowing if your device is still under warranty or not. Next we tell you how long this period lasts according to Spanish and European laws at this time. In January 2022 there will be changes in this regard, but we will reflect it here when they occur.

Normal warranty

We consider a normal guarantee to the one obtained by the simple purchase of Apple TV and regardless of where it was purchased, as long as it’s new and not second hand or reconditioned. You should know that this will depend on whether you have bought the device in an Apple Store (physical or online) or in a third-party provider.

If it you bought at apple you will have a coverage of 26 months, that is, 2 years and 2 months. You may be confused with what Apple says on its website, since it only appears 1 year because it is the international standard, but in our country they apply that 26-month coverage that you can confirm with any specialist of the company.

However, if you bought it in another store the thing changes and you will have anyway 2 years warranty which is the minimum by law, having coverage from Apple itself during the first of them and by the seller during the second year. It is possible that the latter offers more coverage time after those two years, something that you should consult before buying it, but in no case will it be able to ignore its legal obligation that establishes that from month 13 to 24 they must give you assistance.

If AppleCare + is contracted

AppleCare + is an extended warranty service that Apple offers to virtually its entire product portfolio. This can be contracted from the moment of purchase if it is made in one of its physical or online stores, but it also allows adding it in the following 60 days and even to those who buy the Apple TV in another store.

In these cases the coverage offered is 24 months, that is, 2 years, which will be fully managed by the apple company regardless of whether it has been acquired in another store. The main difference of this guarantee is to cover some repairs not covered by the normal guarantee, as well as offering discounts on others.

Coverage provided by the legal guarantee

First of all it is to say that all the conditions of the guarantee apply equally to any Apple TV model, including what is related to damage coverage. Also remote control included that is included with the device.

Repairs that are covered

Basically, the Apple TV warranty covers all damage to the device and / or the remote control as long as these are due to a manufacturing defect and not a misuse by the user. In this area there are many problems that can arise, from the image not being displayed on the screen, the device not turning on, the remote not charging its battery and many more.

Also offered medium at the software level if you are having a problem with the configuration of the device or the experience of using the applications. In these cases it is even possible to make use of the guarantee through the Apple website via chat or by phone in contact with a specialist of the brand.

Apple TV tvOS 12 2018

Apparently these can also be caused by misuse, but if the device is still under the warranty period and does not present bumps or other damage that may be causing the problem, Apple will offer you a device change for another reconditioned, fully functional and equivalent in characteristics to yours. Sometimes they can even offer you a refund, although this is less likely, but it is so stated in the warranty.

What Apple will never do is repair the device as such, since by company policies it is preferred to completely change the device. Internally, it is possible to repair it and refine it if it is possible to do so, but not for the user, since the way this policy is set saves a lot of time for it.

What is not covered?

As we said before, there are more repairs that the normal Apple warranty does not cover, with the following main exceptions:

  • Theft and losses: If your Apple TV has been stolen or you have lost it, the company does not take care of it, assuming your responsibility and being able to file the corresponding complaint with the competent authorities.
  • Water and moisture damage: If the Apple TV is damaged intermanently due to having been in non-recommended humidity conditions, as well as splashing or submerging in liquids, the company will not be responsible.
  • Overloads: If an electrical storm or similar has caused an overvoltage in the device and it has a fault, this is not covered by the guarantee, although the home insurer could take care of the repair.
  • Chassis defects: If the Apple TV shows scratches, bumps, or any other mark of use, the company is not obligated to repair or replace the equipment.
  • Others: any internal device failure that may be due to one of the causes mentioned above, Apple has no obligation to undertake the repair or replacement.

Parental Control on Apple TV

How to make use of the guarantee

In the following points we will discuss how you can enforce the device’s warranty, regardless of where you originally purchased it.

Documents needed to contribute

Although in some cases you will not be required, it is important that you have the following information and documents on hand:

  • ID, passport, driver’s license or any other document that serves to verify your identity.
  • invoice, ticket or any other original receipt of purchase of the Apple TV in which your data appears.
  • Remember your Apple ID and password.
  • Know the serial number of the Apple TV.

Apple or SAT

If the warranty for your Apple TV corresponds to Apple, you can go to an Apple Store or one of the well-known SAT, which stands for Authorized Technical Service. To do this, you must request an appointment with technical support through the Apple website or the corresponding application on iPhone or iPad. Once you go to the appointment, you should discuss the problem so that the specialists can confirm that it is a fault covered by the warranty.

It should be noted that there is the possibility of request a remote repair, by means of which you do not have to leave the house and it is a courier service that picks up the device and delivers it to Apple. If you finally have to be given a replacement, it will also be through the courier service that the device arrives.

web technical support apple

Selling shop

If you are already going for the second year of Apple TV warranty and it was not purchased in an official Apple store, you will have to go to the store where you bought it for it. It should be noted that each one has its peculiarities, so the conditions could change.

In some cases, you have the obligation to go in person to that same store, if it is a franchise you may be able to go to any store, some allow you to send it from home … In any case, be that as it may, the seller must take care repair or replacement of a defective Apple TV if it is found to be due to a factory defect.

Insurance company

As in the previous case, if you insured the Apple TV with a third-party company, you should check under what conditions you can make use of the insurance, as well as the repairs that it would cover. Therefore, we recommend that you read the entire contract and see what the conditions clauses of it say.

When companies cover the repair, what they usually do is ask you to go to Apple with the device so they can proceed to give you a replacement. At the moment it is likely that you will have to pay the cost of this yourself, but sending the invoice to the insurer, it will make a transfer with that amount.

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