Best games from Xbox Game Pass for eSports fans

Video games open up new worlds to explore, reach new heights, and immerse ourselves in colorful stories from the best writers. And there’s no better company to do it all with than your friends.

But even the biggest fans of co-op games can tire of building together and battling zombies and creepers in Minecraft. Even after hundreds of hours in Sea of Thieves, not everyone will be able to keep up with the monotonous tasks of swimming the waves and occasionally going on land in search of treasure with the best buddies.

It’s at times like this that the player may want a rival experience. The very possibility of not helping someone but instead demonstrating their skills and superiority is why developers created competitive games. Just a few moments later, they turned into a whole new industry: eSports. It has its athletes, fans, competitions, and gambling options, which some might find at the betting websites, provided at the ranks of On occasion, the eSports supporters also like to find out who’s the best in the different genres of the games. Here are the best places to attempt winning over other gamers online first-hand.

Sports: Fifa, Madden, NHL, UFC, NBA LIVE series

Thanks to the pairing of EA Play with Xbox Game Pass, sports fans can access almost any of the series on Xbox and PC. Football fans can install FIFA 21 and decide which team is better: PSG or Manchester City, while in UFC, they can finally avenge McGregor’s defeat to Nurmagomedov.

The only factor that can frustrate players may be the version of games available on subscription: more often than not, they are last year’s games, not the current ones. However, Gold and EA Play do offer a discount on the purchase of new titles. So if you’re interested in the gameplay and visuals in the ten-hour trial version of FIFA 22, you can save on the full version with Game Pass.

Shooter: Halo series

It’s hard to recommend anything else when there’s such an iconic Microsoft and PC exclusive as the Halo series. In 2001, 20 years ago, the visionary developers at Bungie couldn’t have imagined that Master Chief would become a cult figure, a sales driver, and the face of an entire console generation.

The original Combat Evolved already supported split-screen and System Link LAN, which spawned a culture of house parties. People would often gather in the biggest room they could find among friends, bring four sets of TVs, Xboxes, and copies of Halo, and then decide who was better in multiplayer.

The sixth installment in the main Master Chief saga will be released in December. Gamers can already appreciate the redesigned and improved online mode: access to the Halo Infinite Beta is open to all.

Racing: Forza series

Let’s wrap up the list with another new and exclusive game from the Microsoft team. The previous installment in the Forza Horizon franchise appeared in 2018 and was loved by critics and players alike. The new game, already the fifth in the series, received 92 points from journalists on Metacritic: the same as the fourth.

The November racing release is from the much-loved “easy to learn, hard to master” category. Anyone can get behind the wheel of a supercar and drive around the colorful landscapes of stunningly detailed Mexico, outrunning the easy AI. But when it comes to multiplayer mode, there are so many experienced super-professionals that if a new player gets to the finish line in the top five, it counts for a trophy.

So what to choose?

Subscriptions now offer a massive range of emotions, and we can only provide a couple of ideas to advise you in which direction to think. The choice is always up to the player, as everyone’s tastes will be impossible to guess.

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