RAYN: Aristea esoteric fantasy RPG Quickstart available

The publishing house Aristea, which many game book enthusiasts will already know for some titles such as Yaga! And Hong Kong Hustle, lands in the world of role-playing games with a new title: RAYN! It is an RPG esoteric fantasy set in a dreamlike and occult world dominated by Light, Darkness and Abyss.

We can take a first look at RAYN, which will soon land on the Kickstarter platform, thanks to the Quickstart free.

RPG Rayn comes with a free Quickstart

RAYN’s setting is based on a popular game book trilogy: Between Darkness and Abyss, from Dario Leccacorvi. The project will collaborate with first-rate names in the panorama of role-playing games and book games: not only Dario Leccacorvi and Aristea, but also Meningi workshop, Andrea Tupac Mollica And Fabio Porfidia.

The Quickstart, an introductory guide to the game, can already be downloaded for free by subscribing to the newsletter.

RAYN is a fantasy RPG set in a dreamlike and occult world dominated by three forces in perennial conflict with each other: Light, Darkness and Abyss. These forces have always struggled with each other; but it is precisely this struggle that generates reality!

The Characters – called Seekers – share goals and ambitions and will have to make their way through a world full of hostile and enigmatic threats: the Ancients and the Spirits. What strength will you embrace?

RAYN’s adventures start from Ortnan, a continent covered with forests undergoing colonization. The characters are collected in one Phatria, a supportive group that shares goals and ambitions and that must make its way in a violent world full of threats, in which humanity struggles day by day.

One of the special features of this RPG is that it uses a special Deck of cards which contains the Ancestral Sounds that allow the PCs to shape the reality around them by combining them to form Magic Words that can shape the world.

Download the Quickstart and let us know what you think!

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