Call of Duty and Warzone will still be on PlayStation, but for how long?

The shock wave caused by the purchase of ActivisionBlizzard at the hands of Microsoft continues to expand a week after its announcement. The incredible move executed by the Redmond giant could shake some of the foundations of its main rival, Sony, since Call of Duty is one of the most important titles for PlayStation. The question is, will they keep throwing Call of Duty for PlayStation?

The supposed roadmap

Sony was quick to show its concerns in this regard, and assured that they expected Microsoft to continue to respect the contractual agreements that exist today, a fairly revealing statement, but which left a clear question: what exactly are the agreements on the table? ?

That is where Bloomberg has wanted to arrive, and through an article published by Jason Schreier, it is detailed that they are nothing less than 3 games those that are supposedly promised to land on Sony’s platform/platforms. To be exact, it is said that one of them will be the next installment of Modern Warfare confirmed for this year, the second will be a new installment developed by Treyarch and the third would be none other than Call of Duty Warzonea new installment of the battle royale that possibly leaves the Pacific island to present a new adventure.

Phil Spencer respects PlayStation

In official statements, Phil Spencer assured that they would respect all the agreements after the acquisition, and confirmed that his desire is to keep Call of Duty on PlayStation, since he considers Sony an important part of the industry. But of course, that speech sounds somewhat similar to the one he raised with the purchase of Bethesdaand seen what has been seen, it does not seem that Microsoft is going to share too many video games with the competition.

Will we see the Call of Duty saga disappear on PlayStation? Most likely not, as Activision itself has made a ton of money from sales and microtransactions generated by its games, so losing the PlayStation audience could backfire.

What we do hope is that the new titles taken from the manga can be exclusive to Xbox, and that is where the key to the movement will be, to see if Microsoft knows how to take advantage of the potential of the acquired studios to give life to new IPs that strengthen the ecosystem of Microsoft. Call of Duty? We’ll see if he continues to maintain the same interest against what could be to come.

So two years?

xbox activision

That is the term that is supposedly agreed today. The three promised games would enter within that period, so, for the moment, from there the future of the Call of Duty saga on Sony consoles is perceived as quite blurred. Until Microsoft does not officially seal the purchase, we will not be able to know much more, since the company could not talk about its own future until then.

Therefore, we will have to wait for the purchase to be formalized to find out and see if Microsoft decides to share more of its thoughts.

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