Can I request the new DNIe 4.0? Discover their requirements and how to do it

little by little that paper document that has been with us for decades, has been modernized in parallel with the technology that we can enjoy. Thus, for some time now we have the possibility of requesting the last electronic ID as well known as DNIe 4.0. For this we must meet a series of requirements to be able to request it and use it where requested.

Basically what we want to tell you is that we have the opportunity to renew our old National Identity Document with this most current one. In these same lines we are going to talk about how to get this new European electronic ID, which will be very useful in many situations. Among the advantages that it offers us, we can highlight the new security measures that it incorporates by default, as well as the biometric verification and identification functions.

When can I request the new identity document?

All this will allow us to discard and discard our old ID and sign up for new technologies. Well, at this point we will say that it is not necessary that our old identity document has expired to order the new one. Therefore, we can request the DNIe 4.0 at any time to benefit from its functions.

It can also be useful if we are going to change some information, such as the current address of the National identity document that we have at that time. This can be considered as an excellent case to request the most current one already with the modified data. Obviously, other cases in which it can be very useful for us to request this new electronic ID is if we have lost it or it has been stolen. It may also be the case that the old document is damaged or spoiled and we want to have the new one.

Of course, in case of theft or loss or any other reason why we cannot have access to our identity document, we should file a complaint that can be very useful to us later.

How to get the DNIe 4.0

Therefore, in these cases in which we want to renew our identity document and request the new European format, in principle we have to go to a police station. Before we must make an appointment, something that we can do comfortably from home through the web browser of the PC by visiting this page.

police ID website

They are going to ask us for a series of essential elements to obtain this document that we are looking for. These are the elements that will be requested at the police station when we go to request the new DNIe 4.0:

  • A recent color photograph with a size of 32 by 26 millimeters. It must have a smooth white uniform background and a bare head.
  • The previous ID or, failing that, the complaint or document of loss or theft.
  • He certificate of registration that we can request at the town hall where we are registered.
  • He civil registry certificate If we are going to change data regarding the previous DNI. These expedition data must not be older than 6 months.
  • Pay the fee of 12 euros for the new DNIe 4.0.

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