China Three Gorges uses Sage X3 with Alive Business Consulting

China Three Gorges Corporation (CTG) is a Chinese state-owned power company, established in 1993. Its business covers three types of activities energy related:

  • Hydroelectric: construction of hydroelectric plants and operation of said plants.
  • Engineering and design: provision of logistics services, base management, equipment operation and maintenance, communication services and secondary public services for the power generation business, and other general services such as procurement bidding and public communication.
  • New energies: industrial upgrading of clean energy in accordance with the requirements of each country’s national energy strategy, and structural reforms of the energy supply side.

The company led the construction of the project for the dam of the Three Gorges in China. The largest hydroelectric power plant in the world, which became operational in 2008.

More than two decades of continuous growth have made China Three Gorges Corporation the largest utility in the world and the cleanest power in China. Currently, CTG is expanding throughout the world, focusing its growth on the creation of electricity from renewable energies. Its international expansion is based on the exchange of operations and association with local organizations, industrial agencies and renowned companies.

Proof of this is that, for its European expansion project, CTG has its headquarters in Luxembourg. But nevertheless, in Spain they have 25 projects underway and, for each of these projects, the power company has partnered with an independent company.

The company was born from the international project in Spain, with the aim of entering the country, incorporating new technologies and adding experience in local project management.

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Alberto SantarenProject Manager at Alive Business Consulting, explains:“China Three Gorges Spain has the need to manage the finances of these 25 companies. Sage X3 and LucaNet are programs capable of managing a corporation with so many companies”.

To manage the finances of these 25 companies from China Three Gorges Spain, Alive Business is implementing Sage X3. “The objective is that the 25 companies, which are part of the initial scope of the project, have unified accounting, this will facilitate the sending of the consolidated reporting to the group, whose European headquarters are in Luxembourg.”

The Luca Net software It allows CTG Spain to exploit the individual and consolidated data of these companies, in addition to exporting information in an automated and unattended manner to the ERP Sage X3 that they have in the Luxembourg headquarters.

We highlight the agility with which the analysis has been developed. We are very proud to be the technological partner in which they have decided to support their growth»concludes the person in charge of the China Project Three Gorges Spain

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