Chrome 100: the update may crash some websites in 2022

Chrome 100 may suffer from a bug similar to the one we feared shortly before 2000. According to Google, the presence of a three-digit number in the version number will cause certain websites to crash. line several years ago.

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Chrome 100, an update of the web browser expected in the course of next year, may be the victim of a serious bug. According to our colleagues at 9to5Google, Google’s web browser could encounter a malfunction similar to the famous year 2000 bug. Note that Chrome has just gone to version 96.

Concretely, all websites that rely on Duda, a webdesign utility allowing to easily design an interface, could suffer from a display bug. These websites indeed use a piece of code capable of checking the User Agent, a handful of information generated by the browser at each connection, in order to determine whether Chrome is up to date.

A bug on Chrome 100 could crash part of the web

The User Agent information chain contains in particular the version of the operating system and web browser. Through this channel, sites get information on how to display certain pages. Prescribing a three-digit number (100) instead of a two-digit number (such as 99) may prevent this step from completing.

The websites designed with Duda are content to consult the last two figures behind the mention Chrome. De facto, Chrome 100 will be interpreted as Chrome 10. However, Duda automatically blocks all versions of Chrome prior to iteration 40, which was deployed in 2015. Ultimately, websites created with Duda that will be opened with Chrome 100 will simply crash.

Fortunately, Google is already working on a workaround. Apparently, the Silicon Valley giant sees several possibilities to correct the situation. Google is considering Duda to change the way the Chrome version is identified. Rather than looking at the first two digits, developers should dwell on the second set of numbers.

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To tell developers when it is necessary to scan the second set of digits, Google would place a 99 in Chrome’s User Agent. Currently, the firm is contacting all web site administrators to help them resolve this looming problem. In the last news, Google will deploy Chrome 100 in March 2022. Let’s bet that the company has found a solution by then.

Source: 9to5Google

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