Company of Heroes 3 officially announced, will return in 2022

A new chapter in Relic’s World War II RTS saga, arguably the most popular franchise on this theme, has been officially announced in these hours. Exact, Company of Heroes 3 was presented with a trailer which you can find below, along with all the details on the game coming in 2022.

Company of Heroes 3 announced!

Relic Entertainment is Saw this time they will take us to the theater of war in the Mediterranean and, more precisely, to the North African deserts and to Italy (and no, they have not yet included the possibility of playing with an Italian army).

The game, despite being scheduled for 2022, is already available in pre-alpha version through Steam for all fans of the saga, who are only required to register on in order to get free access.

“We are very excited that players will be able to try Company of Heroes 3 right from the pre-alpha stage and receive their valuable feedback. We have been developing the game for years with some of our fantastic community members who have been instrumental in providing consistent and meaningful feedback at every stage of the development process. “

“The RTS gameplay we love so much will be enhanced with authentic new features. This will likely be the deepest tactical experience in the series and all will be powered by Essence Engine 5, which is Relic’s proprietary real-time strategy technology. “

Among the innovations added in this new chapter of the franchise there will in fact be the possibility of planning our movements on the theater of war, through the use of a turn-based tactical map that will influence not only “Your upcoming battles, but the story of the war itself.”

Another new feature for the historic RTS series is that of the Full Tactical Pause. During the single player modes, we will be able to use a new level of tactical control on the battlefield; freeze the action, coordinate our actions at the same time and let the chaos resume before our eyes.

“The degree of control is something that will elevate the Company Of Heroes 3 experience.”

Here is the announcement trailer:

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