Conversation Boost is the main novelty in the second beta version of the AirPods Pro

Apple just launched the second beta version of AirPods Pro firmware for developers with the addition of Conversation Boost. In this case, the firmware version is 4A362b and adds the Conversation Boost function as the main novelty.

For those who do not know what exactly this is function called Conversation Boost, we can say that it is an improvement in the sound quality focused for the people who have some problem in the ear. It is in some devices within the Accessibility functions.

Conversation Boost uses beam-forming microphones to improve or amplify the voice and it is most likely that the new version of iOS will arrive together, which will be launched with the arrival of the new iPhone, iOS 15. From what we can say that it is a feature built into AirPods Pro to help people with mild hearing loss.

Through computational audio and beamforming microphones, Conversation Boost focuses your AirPods Pro on the person speaking in front of you, making it easier to listen and follow in a face-to-face conversation.

This beta version also adds the typical bug fixes and solutions to the problems detected in the previous version. In this sense, the new beta 2 is already in the hands of the developers and surely as we say above will arrive with other news as soon as iOS 15 is released.

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