Death of Internet Explorer: Millions of PCs resist and still use Microsoft’s browser

Even though Microsoft announced the death of Internet Explorer two years ago, many users and companies were not prepared for it. According to a study by Lansweeper, they are even still millions around the world to use the old browser.

This Wednesday, June 15, 2022, it’s the last of the lasts for Internet Explorer. After 27 years of good and loyal service, Microsoft’s ancestral browser bows out. The software giant has decided to stop all support for its browser. And who says support stop, says increased possibilities that Internet Explorer becomes the favorite playground of hackers.

A browser that is no longer updated is a browser that is no longer secure. This is why Microsoft has been advising for months to migrate to another browser… Not forgetting in passing to prioritize its own software, Microsoft Edge. On the other hand, and this is quite worrying, a very large number of users are still using Internet Explorer a few hours before the deadline.

According to a study carried out by Lansweeper and relayed by our colleagues from Techradar, 47% of PCs currently running Windows 10 will need to be updated, because their users still use Internet Explorer. That’s millions of PCs around the world. a phenomenon that mainly affects businesses.

Microsoft drops Internet Explorer, users and companies cling

As a reminder, it was in August 2020 that Microsoft announced the death of Internet Explorer 11. Since then, the software has been gradually removed from new versions of Windows 10 from Microsoft 365. But then, why are there so many Internet Explorer users still today?

In his report, Lansweeper explains that 79% of PCs are not using the latest version of Windows 10. According to the study in question, the most popular version of Windows 10 is 2004, which was released in May 2020, while 3 major updates have been deployed since then.

According to Roel Decneut, Chief Strategy Officer at Lanwseeper, “There can be many reasons for companies to delay updating, including being more conservative, having more pressing issues to deal with, or simply not having any visibility into the version of operating systems they are running. Organizations will need a bird’s-eye view of every device they own when support for Internet Explorer 11 ends. Without this data, they will remain vulnerable. »

Note however that Internet Explorer is not completely dead, since Microsoft Edge includes a specific mode of compatibility with the old browser. If you really need it, to access it, the most practical thing is to activate the appropriate button in the toolbar. Simply click on the “Settings and more” icon located at the very top right of the browser, then go to Appearance > Select the buttons to display in the toolbar > Internet Explorer Mode button.

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