Diablo Immortal remembers the users and updates with more content, which one?

Finally listen to the community

So things, with Devil Immortal A new story arrived, surely the most interesting of the entire game, as well as another one purely focused on achieving rewards within instances of increasing difficulty depending on the level of our protagonist. But of course, that single player campaign mode was finished relatively easily and those users to whom the multi they are not attracted in the slightest (or daily tasks), they were left with apparently nothing to do.

Now Blizzard has revealed some details of that update that it is preparing under the name of Terror’s Tide and that It will come to continue precisely that story that many wanted to last a little longer. In such a way that it will be possible to focus on completing it and maintain the feeling that we are enjoying a Devil like normal ones. Especially when until June 2023 we will not have that highly anticipated Diablo IV knocking on the door of our PCs and consoles.

By the way, this update Terror’s Tide from Devil Immortal will begin to reach PC and mobile users with Android and iOS starting today, December 14. So stay tuned because the game client will be updated and the same will take some time for the full patch to be downloaded.

What’s new in this update?

Essentially this Terror’s Tide from Devil Immortal it will bring us a new area called Stormpoint and that it supposes a whole new game scenario that we can go to but, first, a series of requirements must be met. The most important is that not any player will be able to enter those lands since it will be necessary for our char has reached level 60 and the so-called Hell Difficulty III.

To this must also be added the requirement of have completed the Starsign quest so only those players who have been enjoying the game for months Devil Immortal they will be able to do it. It must also be said that Blizzard, for these things, usually helps new players have options to access this new map without having to spend many hours, so if you think you won’t be able to visit Stormpoint, forget it, because the experience you gain will be multiplied to make things easier for you.

This new area that will be part of the campaign hides a “salt-scrubbed prison island” where some of the most terrifying creatures hide (according to Blizzard) guarding one of the shards of the World Stone. So it will be our divine mission to assault that prison to get hold of that relic that, surely, will unbalance the balance in favor of the forces of good.

This Terror’s Tide from Devil Immortal arrives from today. Remember it.

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