discover its gameplay before its release!

Square Enix shares some of the Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster gameplay with us, ahead of its release this week.

Almost a year ago, Square Enix announced the Pixel Remaster of his first six titles Final Fantasy, with mobile availability, for gamers on the go. While the first 5 opuses have already been available for a few months, it’s the turn of Final Fantasy VI to afford an imminent launch date, as well as a trailer presenting its gameplay. Check out the video shared by the studio below.

In this trailer, we only see short images of the gameplay of Final Fantasy VI Pixel Remaster, but it’s enough to convince us that the title is worth discovering. First released in 1994, this sixth installment was in dire need of a refresh, though a pixelated 2D remaster wasn’t the method one would have considered in the first place.

However, the success of the previous opuses, also highly anticipated since their announcement, proves that Square Enix’s decision has nevertheless borne fruit. In Final Fantasy VI, we learn that the studio has added lyrical songs, as we can see at the end of the trailer. You can enjoy the phone game in hand from February 24th. In the meantime, pre-orders are open on iOS and Android.

As a reminder, the first two Pixel Remaster are available at a price of 8.99€, and the next 3 are displayed at a price of 13.99€. For the latter, Square Enix has yet to share its price, but it should be around those already posted. The studio has planned some updates bringing new features but they are not expected for now.

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