Do you see Apple launch a G-Shock type watch feasible?

One of the rumors that we have in mind in the latest predictions of Mark Gurman, is that the Cupertino company would be preparing the launch of the new Apple Watch Series 8 and a more sporty model or similar to the G-Shock that Casio has, to make us a idea. In this sense the news o the rumor has been in the media for several years and in this case again Gurman uncovers the box.

It is important to note that the arrival of a watch similar to this G-Shock could be a tough rival for other brands that focus more on sports such as Suunto or Garmin for example. In any case, Apple Watch users would not be the “typical” users of this type of product, but, If we have it available, would we buy it?

Undoubtedly this is a question that many users who do more physical activity and especially those who practice more extreme sports ask ourselves. In any case, the important thing is to combine extreme software with hardware to match and the current model would not serve to perform depends on what physical activity.

Many users are expecting a somewhat more resistant Apple Watch and although the current models -the Series 7- are somewhat harder than the previous models on the glass, they are still “delicate” watches and therefore not suitable for depending on what activity. Do you think Apple should launch a smartwatch more similar to sports watches? If so, would you end up buying it with the same software you currently have?

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