Do you want to be as comfortable as TheGrefg? This is your gaming chair

Every good gamer and streamer, even content creators or editors, in general, everyone who spends many hours sitting inevitably needs a good chair and if they are a gamer even better. Health comes first and as such choosing a good chair is essential, which is why TheGrefg, as a benchmark in this country within the gaming and streamer world, chose a high-quality model that is not too expensive. What is the chair you use TheGrefg?

There is no need to think a lot about what a chair is about. If you want to dedicate yourself to a job where you have to spend many hours sitting, you have to leave “the rooms”, loosen your pocket, because if not, with the passing of days, weeks and months joint problems will begin and believe us, we know well what we’re talking about.

TheGrefg’s chair

Well, contrary to what it may seem, he has not collected one of the big brands, and it is that this YouTuber is not exactly characterized by novel or top-quality peripherals, but by those with which he simply feels comfortable or well they sponsor him.

In this case, as specific as talking about TheGrefg’s chair, we are facing a XController Xstyle Orangea full-size chair that boasts generous measurements, to the point where TheGrefg looks small in it.


What characteristics does it have for it to have been chosen? It really has nothing that no other boasts, there is nothing where it stands out by itself beyond the design and the striking orange color. Perhaps there is only one detail that few brands have and that is becoming more fashionable lately, although it is not really relevant as such nor is it pure performance.

Xcontrollers Xtyle Orange

We are talking about a gaming chair for aesthetics and functionality that integrates, as usual, a rocking function in its backrest, which can be tilted no less than from 90º up to 165 degrees. Logically, the height is adjustable in a chair of this depth, so we can have the perfect balance between horizontality and verticality.

To maximize comfort, it includes two cushions, one lumbar and the other cervical, which will rest the head and back and improve our posture. However, it supports 120kg thanks to a durable class 4 hydraulic piston, so it’s the best you can buy in this category.


The detail that we were talking about before is nothing more than the use of wheels of 60mm of nylon that are better and more suitable for both hard and soft floors. Of course, this helps to make the movements smoother and the strong steel core of the vertebra does not creak over time.

As we can see, it is not a chair with bad characteristics, it is in the medium high table and, therefore, its price will be accordingly, which is encrypted in nothing less than €262.95. If you liked this chair and want to buy it, you will have to go to its official website to purchase it at that price, since it is not currently sold in stores.

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