Don’t you have friends to play online? Find them on Discord

Discord, like Steam, are the two most used platforms in the world of video games. Both They were born to fill a need, especially in the case of Discord. Until the arrival of Discord, users had to use calling or video calling applications to communicate in multiplayer titles, applications that were not well optimized to work in the background consuming many resources that affected the general performance of video games. As the years have passed, Discord has implemented a large number of features to improve the interaction between users, especially in the gaming sector.

One of these functions allows us to show through our account the title we are playing. Thanks to this feature, we can let our friends and anyone else on Discord know what title we’re playing, a feature that allows us to make a general call if they want to join the game, especially when it comes to multiplayer titles like first-person shooter, battle royale, role-playing, survival or similar. If we don’t usually play these types of games, we can also use this feature to let our friends know if we’re playing Tetris, Arkanoid, or Elder Ring, to share opinions, ask for help, or for any other reason.

In certain games, especially those of the battle royale type, this function also shows if we are playing individually, in duos or squads, the map we are playing and, in addition, the number of players left alive in the game. If we want to activate this function in Discord, we must access the privacy options of the application, and activate it, since, natively, it is deactivated. To activate this function, from the main Discord screen, we must click on the gear located to the right of our name, next to the microphone and headphones icon.

Within the User Settings section, we go to the section Activity Settings and then click on Activity Privacy. In the section on the right, we must activate the switch Show current activity as status message.

Show Discord Activity

If, in addition, we want our friends to automatically join the game from Discord without using the game function, we can activate the box Allow your friends to join the game. In this way, when clicking on the status message that shows that we are playing, the option to join the game will also appear.

It is not necessary to save the changes, since they are saved automatically and sync with all computers where we have the application installed, so we must bear in mind that this change does not affect only one computer, but all those used associated with the same account on this platform. In addition, this function only shows the game in which we are at that moment. If we are editing a Word or Photoshop file or if we are browsing the internet, the application or browser that we use will never be shown through Discord.

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