Download for free more than 4,000 3D plans to print Dungeons and Dragons figures

If you like the world of role playing and board games, it is possible that, for a few years, you have been curious about 3D printers. It may seem like the two worlds have nothing to do with each other, but thanks to 3D design, many role-playing games are no longer limited to the figures and characters that are sold in stores. The Internet is full of users who share their own board games, and also their 3D models to customize games with friends. Today we are going to see the case of a 3D artist who has an incredible 3d model collection so you can play like never before Dungeons and Dragons.

Print your own Dungeons & Dragons games

Eddie from Stranger Things.

can you live on Dungeons and Dragons? Many will say no, but Miguel Zavala is a 3D professional who has been able to turn his hobby into a business. This 3D design artist has spent years sharing on his Instagram account the different models that he generates to play the most famous role-playing game of all time.

The artist generates the models on his computer, paints them and publishes them. But Zavala is not limited only to teaching his creations. Unlike others, this artist does make your design files public so that any player of Dungeons & Dragons can download them. With the file in hand, it is only necessary to materialize them with a 3D printer at home —or hire a local or Internet service that performs this task— and thus be able to play cheaply and with much more variety.

Now that Zavala has become a benchmark in his world, the artist has decided to make a package. The American considers that, until now, all his files were scattered on the Internet, so he has created a huge package with more than 4,000 files to give more visibility to your work and save your fans time. The files are designed so that they can be easily printed in resin.

New models almost daily

d&d miniatures.jpg

If you thought that 4,000 files is a lot of files, you will be surprised to know that Miguel Zavala publishes between 30 and 50 new models every month. Zavala has an account of patreon in which its patrons contribute money in exchange for different products and services. Currently, Miguel Zavala has more than 7,000 patronswhich are distributed in several tiers:

The most basic level of your subscription costs €1.50 per month. With this subscription, you can access a total of 400 extra models pre-configured and commercially licensed. All a bargain. In addition, you will also have access to a board to give ideas and you will have access to various material draws.

The level of €5.50 per month allows you to receive weekly all those new models that Zavala generates, and adds to the rest of the advantages of the basic plan.

Above this is the commercial level. Access to a whole collection of original Zavala miniatures. They are not based on the intellectual property of Dungeons & Dragonsso they can be freely traded. Finally, the artist has two extra levels. With these memberships, users themselves can request custom orders to the artist to be able to personalize his games down to the smallest detail.

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