Downloading Windows updates and patches by hand is now safer

The importance of the different versions of the Microsoft operating system, Windows, is beyond any doubt. But we must also keep in mind that a good part of all this is given by the updates that the firm constantly sends us.

Despite the controversy over the failures caused by these updates and patches, are key elements for the development and growth of the system. The Redmond firm is fully aware of all this, which is why it tries to improve this section whenever possible, as is the case at hand now. Surely many of you know first-hand that these updates generally come to us automatically through the Windows Update. We access it through the Configuration application by locating ourselves in Updates and security.

This is the easiest way to receive all the news and improvements sent by the firm, both at a functional and security level. However, sometimes this Windows application can crash or simply not send us the software we are looking for. That is when we have the possibility of making use of manual updates through the official catalog of the firm. Here we are going to find a huge database that contains all the updates of the different versions and editions of the system for download.

We tell you all this because from now on it will be much safer to carry out this movement of downloading official Windows updates. Specifically, the firm has finally made the decision to carry out the change your web catalog to HTTPS. And this is probably something that should have been done a long time ago.

Microsoft improves security when downloading Windows updates

As the firm has shown on many occasions, it uses a large part of its efforts to improve the security of its products and platforms. But despite all this, the technological giant until now was still serving the updates in its official catalog through the HTTP protocol. One possible reason for this is that some companies still use older browsers like Internet Explorer to download these updates.

However, it seems that the firm has modified this section without making any announcement of it. We tell you this because recently Microsoft has changed this proprietary website to HTTPS. Basically this means that from now on all the updates are served over a secure connection from our favorite browser. Keep in mind that the software giant has already warned on several occasions that Internet Explorer is near its end. Due to all this, this could be considered as one more movement so that those who still use it, abandon it definitively.

In parallel, what is advised for both end users and companies is to migrate to Edge. To give you an idea of ​​all this, internet explorer 11 It will be withdrawn on June 15. What’s more, the responsible company is now working with its customers to offer a seamless migration to edge. To all this we must add that the company ensures that Internet Explorer Mode in Edge will have support until at least 2029. Hence, it has ensured the download your updates implementing the HTPPS protocol to its official catalog.

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