Eliot Awards 2021: See the complete list of winners

The Eliot Awards, each year recognize the most important Spanish-speaking digital leaders in the world, who through their talent, effort, originality and impact are generating highly relevant content on social networks.

In previous years, the event has managed to bring together more than 1500 personalities from the industry, and more than 400 digital leaders from all social networks, special guests, allies and media. Like the 2020 edition, this event will be held virtually, with the presence of some guests (behind closed doors) in person.

Who are the nominees for the Eliot Awards 2021?

The list of nominees, from more than 8 countries, is as follows:

1- Digital Leader of the Year

  • Skabeche
  • Kimberly loaiza
  • Kenya Os
  • Rod Contreras
  • Danna Paola

2- Revelation of the year

  • Darian rojas
  • Kunno
  • Cesar Pantoja
  • Ignacia Antonia
  • Carlos Fair

3- How to

  • Daniela Hoyos placeholder image
  • Let’s put it to the test
  • Robe Grill
  • Rosshanna bracho
  • Fede Brush

4- Nominees for comedy

  • Chingu Friend
  • Mario Aguilar placeholder image
  • Odalys and Dafne
  • Rrovidios
  • Paco de Miguel

5-Better U

  • Sol Carlos
  • Herly
  • Roberto Martinez
  • Jessica Fernandez

6- Storyteller

  • In curtains
  • Juanpa Zurita
  • Alan x the world
  • Alex Store
  • Yolo Adventures

7- Best Engager

  • Domelipa
  • Sofia Castro
  • Brianda deyanara
  • Maria Jose Gi (Majo)
  • Missasymphony

8- Beat for like (Beat 4 like)

  • Ungrateful
  • Maria Becerra
  • Kenya Os
  • Mont Pantoja
  • Karol Sevilla

9- We are all princes (publipremio)

  • Scarcuchi
  • Leslie MCkenzzie
  • Ami Rodriguez
  • The bullet
  • Floperalex

10- Positive Impact (publipremio)

  • Alessandra Rojo de la Vega
  • The fashionista
  • Andrea Away
  • Zazil Abraham
  • Arturo Islas Allende

Where to see the Eliot Awards 2021?

This October 21 at 8:00 p.m. CDMX, on the YouTube channel Eliot Channel Mx, you will be able to discover the winners of the Eliot Awards 2021.

Winners of the Eliot Awards 2021

The category winner Storyteller it is:

The category winner How to it is:

The category winner Better U it is:

The category winner Positive Impact it is:

The category winner Beat 4 like it is:

The category winner comedy it is:

The winner of the Best Engager it is:


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