For less than €3 they can steal all your passwords and control your computer

Hackers can attack their victims through very different methods. They can sneak malware using fake files, launching phishing attacks, creating malicious applications… But they could also use a small device for less than €3. We are going to tell you what this strategy consists of, in which they are going to use a USB memory, to steal passwords and any type of data. They could even take control of your computer without you realizing it.

It can be a flash drive, an SD memory or any other. However, it is normal for them to use a traditional usb stick, of which you can find in any store. They do not need to have a lot of space, nor to be very sophisticated. In fact, it is normal for them to use the cheapest one they can find.

Pendrive to steal passwords and data

In a flash drive you can save any file. It is simply a memory where you can store photos, videos, PDF files, Word… And yes, hackers can put malicious software there ready to act. Just plug that USB stick into a computer and it will automatically start collecting data, sneaking in malware, or carrying out whatever action you have programmed.

How do cybercriminals make you use this flash drive on your computer? The truth is that you can use very diverse strategies. As we say, they just need you to plug it in. You may even not even realize what’s happening, as you might find yourself with empty memory or files that you can’t open and you won’t think it’s a bad thing.

A widely used option is distribute these memories somewhere, such as a library, university, a cafeteria… Basically, they are going to look for someone to believe that it is a forgotten flash drive, decide to put it on their computer in case there is any information of some kind and return it, and right at that This is when it infects your computer.

They can also even put it up for sale online. They could use very cheap flash drives, infect them with some malware, and from there put them up for sale to reach the victims who decide to buy them.

Security problems with a flash drive

USB Killer

But we’re not just talking about infect a system with some virus It should be mentioned that an attacker could even seriously damage a computer. It is what is known as USB Killer. What it does, once we plug it in, is to repeatedly supply a voltage increase of between 210 and 220 volts to the device where we put it.

This is going to cause a surge, since a USB port is not designed to support that voltage. As it is done repeatedly, it can damage the electronic system of that computer or the device where we put the flash drive. It can end up rendering that computer equipment useless, without us being able to do much more.

We are talking about a small device that can cost less than €3. Modified maliciously configured to attack can be a real problem. Password theft, remote control of the device, installing fake applications or even, in extreme cases, damaging the electronic system.

To prevent this from happening, it is essential that you take preventive measures. It is important to avoid using a USB memory that you find on the street, in a library or anywhere. It could be a trap. In addition, it is always convenient to have the computer protected with a good antivirus and keep the system updated at all times. It is key to act well if a flash drive has a virus.

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