For when the new Apple? AirPods, iPhones, iMacs…

Although 2022 started a month ago, the truth is that Apple usually starts it in March or April. At least when it comes to product launches. Many interesting renovations and even never-before-seen devices are expected from this year. But when will they be presented? The countdown has already begun and based on reports from sources close to the company we can already guess.

The first to arrive (according to rumours)

It is not known for sure if it will be in March or April, but according to analysts such as Mark Gurman or Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could be thinking of a special event in which we would see these devices:

  • iPhone SE (3rd gen): This renewal of the cheap range of the Apple smartphone would incorporate few new features, since it is expected with the same design as the current one, but the addition of an A15 Bionic chip and 5G connectivity.
  • iPadAir: After a 2021 in which it was not renewed, it seems that this year it will be its turn and it will have a design similar to the current one, but with improvements such as 5G connectivity, A15 Bionic chip and improvements in the front camera such as centered framing.
  • iMac Pro: Whether or not it has the ‘Pro’ tagline, it is expected to be the largest iMac with a redesign similar to that suffered by the small version in 2021. Of course, inside they would house important changes such as the M1 Pro and M1 Max chips.

imac pro concept

Looking to the end of the year

It is from September when even more powerful launches are expected and, despite not being confirmed, they could be divided into 2 and even 3 events as has been happening in recent years.

  • iPhone 14: the most long-awaited of the year and that there would be four models again, but this time without ‘mini’ versions. Improvements in cameras and the elimination of the ‘notch’ in the most advanced models are the protagonists of the rumors these weeks.
  • Macbook Air: It would have a complete redesign to which ports such as MagSafe and a promising M2 chip would be added that, despite being more powerful than the M1, seems inferior to the M1 Pro and M1 Max.

render macbook air m2

  • iPad (10th gen): On the tenth anniversary of this tablet, no surprises are expected in this entry-level range, having specifications very much in line with the latest ones, with slight changes regarding the processor and little else.
  • iPadPro: With an M2 chip identical to that of the MacBook Air, it is expected that the 11-inch model will mount miniLED panels. There is talk of possible reversible loading and even somewhat deeper design changes on the front.
  • Apple Watch: according to rumours, in addition to a second-generation ‘SE’ and the expected ‘Series 8’, a ‘Pro’ version focused on extreme sports could also come.
  • AirPods Pro (2nd Gen): three years after the first, this second version is expected to incorporate improvements in battery, sound and even design, being able to have earphones without pins in the purest Beats style.
  • AR/VR headsets: A launch as such is not expected, but Apple’s possible flagship product for the coming years could already have an introduction at WWDC.

Obviously this initial squad places 2022 as a powerful year, but we cannot rule out surprises in no area. In the end, rumors are not always infallible and anything can happen.

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