Pixelmator Pro for Mac at 50% off on the Mac App Store

Pixelmator Pro

Whenever there is an offer worth mentioning for our Macs, whether in hardware or software, we try to tell you about it so that you can take advantage of them. For this reason, we cannot miss the opportunity to tell you that right now one of the best photo editing applications, Pixelmator Pro, is at a discount of nothing more and nothing less. that 50%. For this reason, and we do not know how long this offer will last, the price of the App remains at 19.99 euros. A very good offer that you cannot miss if you were behind the program or if you want to complete the ones you already have to edit your images.

A fundamental part of the process of a photographer, whether amateur or professional, is developing the photos. Before we had to use a dark room and now what we do is digital development. We adjust exposure, saturation, tone…etc. In addition to the fact that we can on certain occasions fix and erase certain elements that annoy us in the images that we have taken, such as the spots on the sensor or even some branches or the like. For that there are many programs on the market but not as effective in terms of results and prices. But it is that now also with the offer that is launched, Pixelmator Pro becomes a program that must be had no matter what.

We are talking about a very powerful program with great results that only costs 19.99 according to the offer launched by its creators and that can be obtained through the Mac App Store. A program with a wide range of editing tools professional and non-destructive image. Although one of the best virtues of the application is its simplicity. It is a very intuitive tool with very broad capabilities. Therefore, if you are a photographer, don’t miss out on this opportunity to have one of the best editing programs on your Mac.

Pixelmator Pro (AppStore Link)

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