Forget LastPass, check out Chrome’s new password manager

As the years have passed with our computers, and even more so after the arrival of the internet, the use of passwords has spread significantly. To manage these security elements we have many specific programs, and others not as much as it happens with Google Chrome.

Keep in mind that these personal access codes are sometimes used by dozens, so memorizing all of them is almost impossible. More so if we take into consideration that all of them must be different from each other, and as complex as possible. In this way we ensure or at least reduce the chances of them being leaked or violated by attackers. At this time the password managers they are a very interesting way of taking care of these elements online. In fact, a company of the importance of Google is fully aware of all this.

For this reason, for some time now, it has provided us with a powerful manager included in one of its most widespread products, the Chrome browser. And it is that as this functionality has been gaining integers and users, the search giant has put part of its efforts into improving it. What’s more, right now the search giant has just add new functionality which may attract the attention of many.

Specifically, we are referring to the fact that Google is currently launching a new feature for its password manager that allows us to add notes the same.

Add private notes to Google Chrome password manager

As with the content for which this function was originally designed, the notes that we add here will also be conveniently protected. There is no doubt that this integration is very interesting for the daily use of Chrome.

Of course, we must bear in mind that this is a functionality that we already find in other independent password managers. In fact, we could say that the use and storage of private notes is quite common in other password management services. Say that the use of these small own and personal messages It is useful in most of the occasions when we use the PC. Even more so when we move around the internet or are working online, since they can serve as reminders or notices.

We can see this new functionality included in the manager in the latest version of Chrome Canary, although it is not yet available on all computers. The novelty lies in a field that has just been added called Notes, to the chrome password manager. This is an option appears both when let’s edit an existing password like when we first added one.

It must be said that this element can be useful to add additional information to the account, insert security questions and other data that comes to mind.

Other functions should come to the password manager

As we have mentioned before, this function to manage passwords that the browser includes will improve over time due to its widespread use. In this way, to the integration of the notes that have just arrived, other interesting features could be implemented. For example, from this Chrome manager we could also store and manage other elements such as postal addresses or individual security codes for each entry.

Keep in mind that the more information we can store in the browser, the more useful these entries will not be in the future. Therefore, in addition to the notes that we have told you about, Google should consider the arrival of other additional fields.

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