Genesis RX85 RGB Review: High-End Versatility

The Genesis RX85 RGB is a keyboard that comes to make the gamer’s life easier, positioning itself as a top peripheral to accompany your PC. A high-profile mechanical keyboard with an interesting design and lighting that joins the ever-expanding family of Genesis keyboards, inaugurating its own series, the RX.

From the already extensive Thor series, we had the opportunity to test the Genesis Thor 400 RGB, a versatile keyboard that, despite being directly oriented to gaming, perfectly fulfilled its function if we chose to work with it. Now comes the turn of the Genesis RX85 RGB, the, for now, only member of the RX series. This keyboard, with a chassis made of aluminum and finished in red on the upper and lower ends, gives us a feeling of quality and high-end from the moment we start using it.

In addition to the numerical keyboard that we find in this type of extended or “full-size” keyboards, in the upper right part, the Genesis RX85 RGB has a wheel to regulate the volume of the sound, next to it two buttons: one to deactivate the Windows key, and another to play with the lights and alternate between the different lighting modes offered by the keyboard. Finally, at the top we find a total of 12 function keys, oriented to multimedia and common system applications, such as the calculator or the search engine.

It should be noted that it is a Spanish keyboard, so we will not miss the “Ñ” nor will we have to go looking for it on the internet and pull Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V.

Although I am used to using membrane keyboards, since the jump to mechanical for this review gave me a bit of vertigo, especially because of the feel of the keys, the transition has been much easier than I expected. Adapting to a high-profile mechanical keyboard has been quite easy thanks to having started with a model like this, which has more than met expectations for both work and play.

Genesis RX85 RGB keyboard close up

Going into detail with the keys, the Genesis RX85 RGB incorporates Kailh Brown switches, which on the one hand ensure a sensitive trigger point and, on the other hand, are free from the characteristic “click” sound when pressed. This makes it not as noisy as other equivalent keyboards on the market. As a detail, the keyboard includes a lock button for the Windows key (located at the top, marked “G” for gaming), which can be very useful to avoid accidental exits to the desktop at the least opportune moment.

Kailh RED switches have an actuation point of 2mm, an actuation force of 55g, a response time of 1ms, and a guaranteed minimum life for each pushbutton of 50 million keystrokes. Each of the keys has independent and customizable RGB LED backlighting from the software that, being inside a transparent piece, makes the color and brightness much more intense.

RGB lighting has a PRISM effect with 20 lighting modes: 8 presets, up to 10 dedicated to gaming, and 2 custom options. It is also equipped with N-key Rollover, an anti-ghosting functionality for all keys that makes this keyboard a foolproof weapon.

Genesis RX85 RGB, dedicated software

To customize the Genesis RX85 RGB and see what it can really offer us, we downloaded and installed the dedicated software from the official Genesis website. The start-up of the keyboard is quick and simple, since as soon as we connect it via USB, the equipment detects it immediately and we can start it up.

If we want to move on to customizing lights, in the software we can store up to 3 different lighting profiles, selecting effects, brightness level and even the direction in which we want the light to move. Even if we want, we can disable the keyboard light, except for the volume wheel, whose light cannot be turned off.

We can also configure macros, which will be very useful in gaming sessions. Finally, the software allows you to select the polling frequency of the device, from 100Hz to 1000Hz.

Although the software is quite simple, it can be a bit short for more advanced or demanding users. It’s not my case. In my experience, the fact that it is simple has prevented me from getting lost trying to go beyond what I really need.

The Genesis RX85 RGB also thinks about ergonomics, as it comes with a removable palm rest with a soft finish that is attached to the keyboard by magnets, it has tabs on the back to raise the height of the keyboard, and it has rubber feet to guarantee a good grip on the desk.


The Genesis RX85 RGB is a high-profile mechanical keyboard specially oriented for gaming both in terms of specifications and software, but it fulfills its function if our goal is to work with it. For this reason, we are faced with a very versatile device, with quality finishes, details that provide a plus of ergonomics and customization options that will meet the expectations of a wide range of users.

Right now the Genesis RX85 RGB keyboard can be purchased on the Genesis website for a price of €89.99

Genesis RX85 RGB Review: High-End Versatility 47

Genesis RX85 RGB

build quality9

User experience and software8

Installation and configuration8

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