Get the free V-Bucks you need for the new season

As planned, chapter 4 of season 3 is already among us, a new season baptized as Wild Lands that allows us to get an idea of ​​what it will offer us. Along with the premiere of this new season, one of the most anticipated skins arrives and which also coincides with the premiere of the new Transformers movie: Optimus Prime.

Fortnite is one of the battle royales, if not the only one, that is actually a lot of fun to play. If we haven’t given it a chance yet, we should put our prejudices aside and give it a try, especially since the mode was implemented zero constructiona mode where the only thing we have to worry about is eliminating all the enemies to win the game and where the function that made this game popular, building, is not available.

News of season 3 chapter 4 of Fortnite

The main change with respect to last season’s map is found in the center of the island that has sunk and shows a jungle full of ancient secrets, where we can climb the treetops, slide through the mud to gain speed or to hide us. In this area of ​​the map, there are velociraptors that we can dominate just like any other wild animal on the map by jumping on them.

If we talk about the new weapons, we have to talk about the kinetic boomerang and the cybertron cannon. We can launch the kinetic boomerang so that it strikes our enemies as they walk away, it returns to our hands. He cybertron cannon allows us to launch an explosive projectile at our enemies. Another interesting novelty in the weapons section is found in the jars of wild waspsin it circular magazine rifle to overcome structures and the return of term designated marksman rifle. This new season also includes new augmentations and new ways to move around the map.

Don’t pay for the battle pass

Everyone likes to enjoy the battle pass from day one, however, if our economy does not stand out precisely because it is very comfortable, there is no problem since, with a lot of patience and time, we can get hold of the battle pass without paying.

The first thing we must do is complete the battle pass since, by doing so, we will obtain all the free rewards that the battle pass offers to users who do not buy it and we can get up to 400 bucks. The fastest way to complete the full battle pass is by playing a mouse every day and completing the 3 daily missions.

Yes, we have been playing for several seasons and we have been careful to save the turkeys of the battle turkeys, not if we have little left for the 950 turkeys that the pass costs, it will not take long for us to have the possibility of buying it. Also, we have the game Save the worldthe mode prior to Fortnite’s battle royale, we can also get rewards every week based on 150 bucks, as long as we do all the weekly missions that are proposed to us.

If we don’t want to wait and we want to be among the first to enjoy the battle pass, we can buy one of the different V-buck cards available at Eneba, 1,000, 2,800 and 5,000 V-buck cards.

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