Goodbye to the drought! They create a machine that produces WATER from the air

Ted bowman, an American engineer, created a machine that managed to extract water from the air, in California. This equipment cools the air and then collects water droplets in a container. “Our motto is, water in air isn’t magic, it’s science, and that’s really what we’re doing with these machines,” said Ted Bowman, design engineer for Tsunami Products, about his invention.

The system is one of several that have been developed to collect water, some use mesh networks or solar panels to function, but Bowman’s is different because it is compact and is for homes, offices, ranches and other places. Among other properties it has is the fact that it dehumidifies the air.

Ted calculates that they can occur between 900 liters and 8,600 liters of water per dayIt is found in areas with mist or high humidity, such as the California coast, he said.

Not everything is perfect with this machine

However, this device has several “but”, One of them is its price, since its cost ranges between 30 and 200 thousand dollars. Even so, it is in high demand right in California, as the state faces one of the worst droughts in recent history, so reserves have been depleted.

The entity has just closed its second driest hydrological year in modern records, with nearly 88% of California in extreme drought conditions: At the end of September, the storage of reservoirs reached only 60% of its total capacity, an average well below the usual.

Another impediment to large-scale implementation of this equipment is the fact that it requires an enormous amount of energy; In this regard, University of California, Davis hydrology researcher Helen Dahlke said the technology makes sense for individual homeowners, especially in rural areas, but it is far from being a practical solution for cities.


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