Google Pixel Fold could have been canceled

Earlier this year we saw for the first time the first rumors of the Pixel Fold, codenamed ‘Passport’, with patents on a device for 7.6-inch folding screen covered with an Ultra-Thin Glass, under a concept very similar to the current phones presented by other companies.

However, as they now share from Display Supply Chain, it seems that Google would have canceled all component orders related to this phone, suggesting that the device will definitely not hit the market in the next few months, and may even possibly be removed from its roadmap entirely.

And it is that according to these reports, apparently, Google would have realized that your device is not competitive enough to go head-to-head with Samsung phones, since unlike the Galaxy Z Fold 3, the Pixel Fold was not expected to be compatible with optical pens or include a front camera under its screen.

Still, the rest of the rumored specs undoubtedly promised us a truly interesting phone, with a Pixel Fold with an internal 120Hz screen powered by the recently released Tensor chip, and camera specs similar to their current phones, which if While they did not dazzle, they certainly perfectly covered what was necessary to keep the phone in the high-end segment.

However, it should be noted that the cancellation of the supply does not necessarily imply the total cancellation of the phoneas it could be driven by the search for new components rather than the renunciation of this concept. And it is that although the Pxiel are still trying to gain their place in the market, the entry of Google to the folding market would undoubtedly mean a great change

As we say, it is still too early to take this folding phone out of the equation. In fact, since Google plans to release the stable version of Android 12L in March, specifically intended for folding tablets and phones, we could still see some announcement or mention related to these Pixel Folds.

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